Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I don't know what to write........

I started a blog about the musical my girls are in, but it sounded more like a rant, so I deleted it. Then I realized it's been days since I've blogged and I'd really like to blog about something, but my mind is blank. Well, no it's not........all sorts of random thoughts are firing through my brain any given minute, right? So, here goes:
- Tonight I tripped on my own pajama bottoms and went flying. I was holding paperwork in my hand and a deposit slip in my mouth and went careening forward without the benefit of my hands shooting out to protect me. Thankfully, Hannah was sitting in my desk chair and I fell into her instead of the floor. Grace.
- Today at work I noticed my hair was a little frizzy so I just grabbed some hand lotion off the counter in the staff bathroom and rubbed a little into my hair. I realized, with horror, that I did NOT like the smell. Mango-mandarin  sounded good but smelled horrible after it was rubbed all through my hair. I do NOT like mango.
- I've been craving and wanting to make homemade chocolate chip cookies with walnuts for days now. But I never have time. And that makes me sad.
- Working is just another chore I have to do. My already-full days are just now as full but with a four-hour "break" in them for work.
- Twice this week I saw an eagle being chased by crows on my way to work. The first time I got an amazing picture on my phone, and then my phone suddenly froze up and I had to turn it off and back on again and lost my amazing picture! The second time I didn't have my phone ready. I can't believe I was so lucky twice and missed the shot both times.
- I got the mail yesterday and in it was a package. Hm, I thought, wonder what this is? It was my mother's day present! But I knew what it was just by reading the return address so I told Jeff I already knew and could I have it now? It was a cool new camera strap. I was so excited!
- At work, the kids are doing MSP testing. It stands for "measurement of student progress" but Harrison calls it "more stupid paperwork" and I'm afraid he's right!
- Because I don't have much to do at work except sit next to a kid while they are taking the test, I've planned out the whole summer in my calendar. Twice.
- Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Margaritas are good. I hope I can have one sometime tomorrow.
- Prom is expensive. Today I ordered the bouten...buttin..boutenn...f**k it, the little flower thing that goes in the guy's lapel. And I picked up my daughter's princess dress. And got a cool idea for pictures. Because I'm always thinking about pictures.
- I like to drink caffeine-free Pepsi when I have pizza or soft tacos. I don't know why, but I must have Pepsi on those two occasions. I could care less any other time.
- Mocha frappes from McDonald's are super yummy and I've had one twice this week but they have like 450 calories so they're really bad for you.
- I tried a coconut mocha at Starbucks yesterday. It was just eh. Kind of good but they top it with toasted coconut and that's just weird going through a straw.
- My husband is trying to sleep next to me right now and he keeps twitching, which I'm taking to mean either a. he's annoyed with my typing and would really like me to shut off the computer and go to sleep already or b. he's having an nightmare.
- Good night!

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