Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretty Ugly

So, today I took the day off work to attend a PTSA luncheon because I was a Golden Acorn recipient (an award for volunteering). It was at a golf country club and so I dressed up. Black skirt, black silky tank, gold ruffled sweater and a cute gold flower in my hair. Wore shoes with pointy-ish toes and heels and everything! And the luncheon was nice (if not a little long!) and I had a name tag in a lanyard and there was a program and keynote speakers and everything. I felt so grown up! Adults only! (I can just hear one of my kids saying "oh, you think you fancy???"). So.

I was looking forward to coming home and enjoying an hour or so of "alone" time, perhaps even indulging in a smallish nap. But, seeing as this is MY life, and not the fabulously organized, trouble-free life of some glamorous, pretty, skinny woman, that was not to be. I got a text. "I left my karaoke CD on the bathroom counter". And another one. "Can you bring it to me after school?". And then a phone call. Sigh. So, I had just pulled in the driveway from my fantastically grown-up luncheon when I had to pull right back out again, CD in hand, and drive to the high school.

Since I was out anyway, I decided my husband should see my fabulous outfit so I texted him. "Frappe break"? He did not text back for some time, but just in the nick of time I received a "Sure". Off to McDonald's to pick up two mocha frappes. They were topped with chocolate AND caramel today, a perfect little added surprise. I headed to husband's work and we were just enjoying a coffee date in the car for less than five minutes when I received a frantic call. "My tummy hurts! Really bad!" There were tears and everything so of course I had to dash home.

I came home to find 13-year-old curled up on the couch in a fetal position. She still had her wet boots on. On top of the blankets. Put on my doctor hat and performed the "do you have appendicitis?" exam. Administered two ibuprofen and set to checking my email. "I really don't feel good". This was uttered with a bit of panic and we all know what happens after that. Yep.

So much for the nice outfit. I'm pretty sure I got a little barf on it. While cleaning up the bathroom floor and rug. And doing some laundry. I set up the sick one on the couch, but not before spilling an entire cup of water on the family room carpet. In the meantime, the dog was getting into everything and scavenging for food. And barking to be let out every five minutes. Administered more medicine to sick child and finally a little calm.....

Oh, and that was just in one hour. I can hardly wait to see what the next hour holds!


Never Fear, Hannah is Here! said...

Your life is "awesome"! ;)

jeff said...

Yeah, you think so but you are never going to remember your CDs or anything on your own:)