Monday, May 16, 2011

We can see you next year.........

I have a really hard time believing that my dentist is so busy and full of patients that he can't see my kids to get their teeth cleaned until AUGUST! Really? For a less-than-one-hour appointment? How many patients can he possibly have, overall, and if he's truly that busy, how can he possibly keep track of them all?

I've been wanting to switch dentists for a long time. I mean, it's not like I have anything against my dentist. Except that when he talks to you, he mumbles like he's got a mouthful of marbles. And uses all technical terms like "30" instead of "tooth", and "fascia" and "sublingual". What the hell? Just talk to me in layman's terms, will ya? And he's always using those terms when he's prescribing yet another "procedure" for me (or my kids or my husband) to undergo. I don't believe I've EVER been in for a cleaning when he has not suggested or insisted on something being done. Replacing old fillings. Putting fillings on areas where the gum might be receding a bit. Or, best of all was when I went in with absolutely NO complaints and ended up with a bad filling that caused something to go wrong and led to a root canal. And that still feels weird. Like my tooth is loose.

He's recommended a $300 night guard to keep me from grinding my teeth (I'm pretty sure I grind my teeth because I'm stressed out about money, or lack thereof, so spending another $300 isn't going to help much!). I tried to compromise on that one. Bought one of those do-it-yourself jobbers at the drugstore where you boil and bite. I couldn't get through one night without ripping the thing out of my mouth sometime during my sleep. The thing is, I don't much like things in my mouth when I'm trying to sleep.

The latest "work" I had done was fillings on areas of my teeth that were "sensitive". They didn't entirely solve the problem and I've paid through the nose for all the work I've had done that seemed substandard or didn't solve problems. I Googled some local dentists and came across my dentist's name. One review said "he seems to prescribe unnecessary procedures". Hm. Sounds familiar.

So, I'm on the search for a new dentist. Perhaps one that isn't so busy and can clean my kids' teeth before August. Or maybe a once-a-year cleaning isn't such a bad idea. Sure would save some cash.


Pitchin Princess said...

I wouldn't be able to get my kids into the dentist before August if I called now. Cleanings are always booked way in advance. I went a few weeks ago and scheduled my next 6 month appointment right away so that I could get in when I wanted to, turns out 6 months is 7 months because they were already full in November.
Chase's orthodontist sounds like your dentist, he was always trying to send him to a periodontist (sp??) to have that little piece of skin under your top lip clipped and couldn't really give me a reason why it needed to be clipped other than cosmetic. Chase is done with phase 1 of his braces and we will not be going back to this guy for any future phases.
Goodluck finding another dentist that you like, it's tough finding new doctors.

jeff said...

2 Cleanings are covered at %100:)