Thursday, June 23, 2011

In the good old summertime.........

It's the first day of summer vacation but someone forgot to tell the weather gods because it's cloudy and kind of stuffy-ish outside and while it's not raining (now), the weather is heavy with the threat of it. BLEH! School has been out a little over twenty-four hours and so far we've:

- made an emergency run to the store for sidewalk chalk and finger paints (yes, my kids are 12, 13, 15 and 17, you got a problem with that?)
- eaten a whole watermelon (bought another one today)
- eaten a whole cantaloupe (replaced that too)
- had corn dogs (yay, state fair!)
- built a fort (the kids)
- procured a pile of dusty, spider-y wood for fort building (me)
- made nachos out of the previous night's leftovers
- eaten cold nachos off the pan three hours after dinner (me)
- gone shopping for dorm stuff and come home with a new wardrobe (Hayley)
- gone to be really late (everyone)
- been awakened by an early morning phone call on the first day I could sleep in (grrr!)
- met a friend for coffee (me)
- gone shopping for more melon and birthday presents (me)
- fingerpainted (kids)
- sidewalk chalked the entire sidewalk and road in front of the house (kids)
- had fort sabotaged (stupid, bratty, unsupervised, obnoxious kids - not mine!)
- made plans for new fort (kids)
- made cupcakes and buttercream frosting (Hayley)
- licked the beaters (me - YUM!)
- sat in front of the fireplace watching TV (wtf? The fireplace? Yeah, the fireplace)

Now if we could just get a little sunshine, we'd be well on our way to a great summer vacation. But for now, maybe we'll just have to put on our Snuggies and fuzzy socks and read a book. Stupid weather.

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