Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cheap toilet paper........

There are some things you should never skimp on. For example, I always use Tide and Clorox bleach to clean my clothes, some store brands just don't cut it for me, and there's just no substitute for good shoes (but most of mine are from the bargain store!). Still, I sent my oldest to the store a few weeks ago to get toilet paper because we were down to one roll and that constitutes a state of emergency in our household of six. (Plus, there's no telling what the kids would do if we actually ran out. I feared for the dirty clothes on the floor of their bathroom!) She came back from the store with two large packages of a bargain brand toilet paper. No worries, I thought, it's just toilet paper. Boy, was I wrong!

I have never, not even in the grimiest, most remote rest stop bathroom, never in my life seen toilet paper so thin! I'm telling you, onion skin, rice paper, Kate Moss........NOTHING was thinner than this toilet paper. I had to wrap it around my hands thirty or so times to make a square thick enough to do the job. I've heard of two-ply and even one-ply but this toilet paper was half-ply at best. And the really amazing part? IT LASTED FOREVER!

I thought we'd never get rid of these two packages of paper shavings! Which is weird, because normally we blow through a Costco pack of 48 rolls in record time, but buy 24 rolls of parchment and it lasts forever. I think we FINALLY put the last roll on this weekend and I cannot wait to replace it with my Kirkland Signature TP from Costco, which now seems a thick as a mattress. I actually started to notice how thick and luxurious the toilet paper was at other establishments. For example, yesterday, at a doctor appointment, I used the restroom and marveled at how they could "afford" such thick and strong toilet paper.

The moral of this story is: never skimp on toilet paper and appreciate the seemingly mundane. You never know when you'll actually be happy for a roll of two-ply!

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Phoenix Jackson said...

I love this post! The company I work with are skimpy with such items. Thanks for the laugh of the day.