Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Nice title, huh? I'm pretty sure it has something to do with football or a football show or something. Anyway, I know it refers to playing football in high school under the lights on a Friday. Right? Right?

Tonight we went to the high school football game. It was very crowded. We stood in line to get in and got in just about.....halftime. There was no place to sit. But my husband and I did find a nice piece of fence line upon which to lean, so it wasn't all bad. We went to the game at the request of our daughter, who just HAD to go. But not to watch a football game, heavens no! Only the high-schoolers and the parents watch the game. The under 15 crowd shows up to see and be seen. And to see who can wear the most outrageous outfit, hair extensions in approved school colors, glitter, make-up, face paint, fishnet stockings under shorty shorts, and all manner of shredded apparel in school colors.

Not being a huge fan of football, I only remember attending one high school game. It was fun. We won. It was big deal because it was some sort of championship. I don't really remember the details, but I remember rushing the field after the big win and thinking, hey, this is fun! Did I know the score? Did I even know who the opposing team was? Nah. In college, I never attended a single game. Not a one! My college experience was more work/school/sleep than football games and frat parties. I did attend a college game once, but it was at another college and only because the friend I was visiting for the weekend invited me along.

Thus, I have never painted my face in the spirit of the game, never shredded a t-shirt, never sat stuffed like sardines on metal bleachers shouting cheers and fist-pumping my way through a football game. And now, well, it's just not cool to paint your face after 40. So, I go to the games when my kids ask me to take them. I watch the game (sorta). I people-watch a LOT and I overhear things that would shock the parents of the children I know saying them (oh my, I don't remember using that kind of language when I was 13!). Once we hit the main gate, we don't see the kids until they need a ride home. I have no idea what they do during the game - for all I know, they sneak right out the gate and go smoke pot behind QFC. Haha. Just kidding. I think. I know what they do. They walk around, bump into similarly-dressed friends, chat, move on. They circulate. For the most part, they are not even aware there's a game going on except for the sudden burst of cheers when their team makes a touchdown. Then they look up, vaguely aware that they are, in fact, at a football stadium, not a spirit-wear fashion show that serves pizza.

But sometimes they surprise you. Tonight, after the game, I asked our daughter "who won?" and she said "we did!" then added "32-30". Wow. She knew the score. They grow up so fast.


Janet Church said...

Unfortunately for my daughter she is interested in watching the football game but doesn't have anyone to sit with but mom. All of her friends are wandering around gossiping and she wants no part of it. So she opts not to go to the games even when I do go. Kind of sad really. I told her she needs to blend with the high schoolers and then she could watch the game. I guess she will grow up soon enough and soon be able to watch the game.

jeff said...

It was a home town rivalry - not a chmpionship:)

I too only attended a handful of games and not one college game. Sad:(