Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I want a job!

I want a job.......
That pays well, as I need to pay bills,
A job that contains some laughs and some thrills.
A job that won't bore me,
Or drive me to tears.
A job that is challenging
Where good work's met with cheers.
This job should take place
Between eight and two
Because my children have so many
Activities to do!
And dentist and doctor appointments abound
And someone needs to drive them around!
Flexibility is key, for often they're ill,
And I'll need to take a day just to chill.
I must not work summers,
That's when we all play
But I'm willing to work,
Perhaps half a day.
This job should inspire
And let me create,
And my boss shouldn't care
If I'm a little bit late.
A lingering lunch
At a corner cafe
Is not much to ask
For working all day.
From time to time
A coffee break
Will help me stay on task
Alert, and awake!
I promise to work hard,
Be part of the team.
And take doing a great job
To the very extreme.
Won't you please hire me?
Give me a shot?
I've got some great skills
You'll like me a lot!
To this perfect job,
Someone, please take me!
And if does not exist.....
Please do not wake me!

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jeff said...

Maybe a poet or lady of liesure?:)