Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How do you support me?

I was asked this question by one of my offspring today. When I answered "I work full time" I heard "other than financially" as the answer. So, I got to thinking about the many "non-financial" ways I support my kids. For example:
- I give you tools for success. If you don't choose to use them, I can't do anything about it. 
- If I tell you honestly that it wasn't your best singing voice or the jeans are too tight, I'm saving you from having someone else tell you in a more brutal way. 
- Besides enduring hours of labor to birth you, I've lost countless hours of sleep either taking care of you, worrying about you, or doing something for you. 
- All those times you needed a ride? That was me. 
- Who else took you to the doctor, the dentist, and nearly every other medical appointment you've ever had?
- I stayed up late reading your essay, quizzing you, typing something for you, or standing over the sink burning paper to make it look "old" for your project.
- Those stylish clothes? I schlepped through the stores to get those for you. 
- Hours upon hours of dance lessons, gymnastics, swimming, baseball, softball, basketball, rehearsals...that was me waiting and watching, often with a couple of your siblings in tow who were whining that they were bored, hungry or tired. 
- Every Halloween costume. Ever.
- Christmas? I decorate, bake, buy, wrap and create the magic that you love so much. 
- The vacations and camping trips? I arranged those. 
- All the food in the house? I make it magically appear. 
- I washed thousands of loads of your laundry until I decided you were old enough to do it yourself. 
- Sick at school? Forgot your gym clothes? Late? I'm the mom-mobile! 

So........if I get mad at you for being late, or not doing your homework, or slacking off on your chores, consider the fact that, as your mom, I don't get the option of taking a day off. So you say you didn't ask to be born? Well, sorry. Can't exactly put you back. 

Just because I'm not blowing sunshine up your ass every minute of every day, doesn't mean I'm cruel, or unsupportive, or worse, a "bitch". How lucky for you that there's someone in this world, who, even when you're at your worst, loves you the most. Someone who would listen to your rants and still want to make you happy. You can say all you want, try hard to be the martyr, or lay on the heaviest guilt trip, but I'd still donate a kidney or give you my bone marrow. Heck, I'd give you my life. Because that's what moms do. Who supports me? 

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jeff said...

I support you - all caught up:)