Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, the three-day weekend "all by myself" is over and although not every minute of it was spent by myself, a lot was accomplished and some stuff turned out fun and unexpected. Here's how it turned out:

What I did NOT do:
- clean the microwave or fridge (but I really need to!)
 - wash the dogs (but I knew I wouldn't do that!)
 - finish the books I'd already started (I decided to "abandon" them, that's teacher speak for stop reading them because they were just way too boring)
 - design my website (but that was overly ambitious anyway)
 - take fall photos (but only because the leaves have not turned enough yet to make pretty pictures)
 - exercise (but I worked my ass off so maybe that counts a little?)
 - pick up the house (well, I DID, but not until today so I couldn't enjoy it ALL weekend)
 - read the Sunday paper (but it's only 9 p.m. so I might still have time.........)

But here's what I DID do:
 - a bunch of laundry
 - went through my keepsake bin and actually tossed some stuff
 - organized and purged some craft stuff (but not all of it, so it's a work in progress)
 - watched two movies (but I had a stack of twelve - haha!)
 - started a new book
 - wrote....well, blogged....
 - took pictures of the kitten (but she moves around a lot so I only got a couple of good ones!)
 - finished decorating for Halloween (and had all the candles burning when Jeff and Arlie got home!)
 - baked (once)
 - remembered to feed the animals - every day! (p.s. there's no frog)
And here's all the bonus stuff I did:
 - had lunch with a friend on Friday (and Hannah came too)
 - went to Fred Meyer with Hannah and ended up getting way more stuff than I planned
 - went to dinner at Olive Garden with another friend (and enjoyed a spectacular sunset on the way there)
 - stayed in bed until 11:30 on Saturday morning 
 - made my own "coffee shop" breakfast
 - went through Harrison's clothes and filled a bag with giveaways
 - picked up Harrison, got lunch at McDonald's (frappes included!) and went to Bothell Landing to feed the ducks and do an impromptu photo shoot
 - watched movies while I went through craft stuff and keepsake stuff
 - woke up to the kitten scratching my back (ouch)
 - went through Jeff's clothes and filled a bag with giveaways
 - went through the laundry room and got rid of a bunch of stuff
 - had a heart attack when Hannah showed up unexpectedly from her choir retreat while I was talking to myself in the laundry room (hahaha!)
 - had lunch with a friend
 - spent the afternoon cleaning, organizing and basically getting a lot of things under control that have been making me crazy for a long time
 - made lunches for tomorrow
 - lit candles and made everything all warm and homey (yay!)

And it was a very, very good weekend. 

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jeff said...

Weekend Wrap Up:
Dropped off Arlie in Vantage
Went deer hunting and got rocks and a grouse
Stopped by CWU to swap packages with Hayley
Picked up Arlie and came home