Monday, December 19, 2011

Good dog, Charlie!

On December 18, 2011, our sweet, faithful dog Charlie passed away peacefully in Jeff's arms at a local pet hospital. Charlie had been sick and diagnosed with advanced diabetes, an enlarged heart and Addison's disease in mid-November. There was not much to be done, so we spent the next few weeks feeding him a special diet and giving him lots of love and attention. Over the past couple of weeks, he lost an alarming amount of weight and began to go downhill fast. The night of my birthday, December 17, we decided it was time for him to be put down. We planned it for Monday, but on Sunday, he took a significant turn for the worse and we decided it was time. Jeff took him to a local pet hospital where he was able to hold Charlie in a comfortable room while he was given an injection and passed away peacefully in Jeff's arms wrapped in a blanket from home. It was a sad, sad day for our family, and especially for Arlie, who has had Charlie her entire life. He has been a constant companion to her for 13 years. Here's a look back at the life of our beloved Charlie, otherwise known as "Chuck", "PorkChuck", "Chuckieeeeee", "Fatness" and "Chuckaroobiedoobie".

 He was a beggar of food.......

 His favorite place to sleep was by the fire........

 He loved his girl!

 He sought a soft place to sleep, even if it was a blanket thrown on the coffee table!

 He loved Grayland beach! His ashes will be scattered here. 

 He loved his boy!

 He was a snazzy dresser!

 He struck a handsome pose!

 He was dashing, if not a bit rotund.

 His best doggie friend and companion was Shade.

 He enjoyed sunning himself on the front lawn.......

 He looked dapper in his plaid sweater.

He always greeted you when you walked through the door.

He made a great pillow!

He was a wonderful workout companion!

 He enjoyed a snowy day as long as it was followed up with a nap by the fire.

He loved to run on the beach with his best friends, Shade and Georgette.

He was a terrific dancing partner!

 He was very stylish!

 He even got married to Piper the dog, who lives across the street, in an elaborate ceremony.

He was humble......

He spent his last morning snuggled up to his daddy.....

We said our last goodbyes........

And he took his last car trip. 

Charlie the dog.
We love you.


jeff said...

Why u wnat me to look at this at work:)

Thank you for making Charlie's life live:)

Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to Charlie - it will be a great way to celebrate him in the future. Right now it just feels raw.