Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cook, drive or clean?

I remember once hearing about a survey where people were asked if they could have ONE household servant for a year would they choose a cook, a chauffeur, or a maid? I decided right then and there that I'd like to have a cook, because what could be more wonderful than having someone make food for you at your beck and call? Like eating in a restaurant every day! But as I grew older (and sometimes actually enjoyed cooking), I realized that maybe what I really want is a chauffeur. I drive my kids everywhere, all the time, and sometimes I just do NOT want to get up from what I'm doing and go pick them up from whatever far reaches of the town they're in. Plus, sometimes there's just not enough time to come back home (daughter's 45 minute dance class on Mondays), and I end up spending money "browsing" at the store, or getting a coffee. Other times there's a big chunk of time in between, which is just enough time to come home, get involved in other stuff, and get tired (daughter's three hours of two different dance classes that ends at 9 p.m.). Other times it's a daily thing (musical rehearsal that starts soon), where I have to drive to the high school every day because my 16 year old doesn't have a driver's license (and only because driver's ed is so damned expensive where we live - not offered in schools and costing, privately, $500-$800 depending on the driving school!). The convenience alone would be worth shelling out the $$ to get her license but it's just not in the cards at the moment. Then, there are all the errands, taking kids to friends' houses, commuting to and from work........it's just a lot of driving. And I prefer to be a passenger!

However, a maid would be most excellent. Living in a house with teenagers and dogs makes for a very messy house. All the kids do chores (the dogs are too lazy) but they are never consistent and it's never enough to keep up with the messes. So, most of the time, the house looks....ahem......"lived in". Walking in to a perfectly clean house would be.....well.........I don't know because that's never happened. I wonder what it's like to have a cleaning person come and make your house lovely while you're at work during the day. I wonder what it's like to walk into a freshly vacuumed and dusted home, lightly scented with cleaning products, with no dog-hair dust bunnies to greet you. So, yeah, a maid would be pretty awesome.

Can't I just have all three? Or one? What would YOU choose?


jeff said...

Maybe I should be the driver for all the kids events since I tend to work out while I wait:)

Janet Church said...

I used to think that I wanted a cook. And yes that is still what I would choose. I hate thinking up what to cook all of the time and the cleaning up afterward (the cook would do that, right?). Why spend time cooking when the family only spends 10 minutes eating? And on those days that there is basketball/lacrosse/soccer/band/etc. to attend but the other teenager isn't home yet or ready to eat, someone else could prepare and present food for the two hour span of dinner hour shifts. And I would no more have to say to one of the teenagers or my husband, "Fend for yourself, I am off to drive so and so to such and such and won't be back until late." So yep, definitely a cook.