Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stupid stuff people say......

Yeah, it's Snowmageddon. Yeah, I'm bored. And I've been listening to people talk - a lot - the past few days. I'm reminded of some stupid things people say. Such as:

*Do you have a garbage? (Look, I know my house is a pit, but we DO use proper trash receptacles, despite what the floor might be telling you)
*Can I borrow a Kleenex? (Uh, no, you can HAVE one. No charge!)
*Can I ask you a question? (You just did!)
*OMG! That made my life! Note: also include: That was the BEST DAY EVER. This is the WORST day of my life. (Seriously? You have no idea what's to come. I doubt that was the best day ever. Or the worst)
*There's nothing to do. (There is ALWAYS something to do!)
*Do you think we'll have school on Friday? (What? Suddenly I'm a meteorologist?)
*Do you have a bathroom? (No, but the outhouse is just a short walk out past the barn! Take a corncob with you!)
*Do we have to clean the bathroom if no one goes upstairs? (This from my children!)
*This (says weather reporter, scooping up snow) white stuff is what we're talking about. (Really? It's called snow. We've all heard of it, seen it, touched it.)

Crap, now I'm thinking of a blog post making fun of weather reporters in Western Washington. I love people! They're so.....entertaining.

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