Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hand Therapy

I've been going to hand therapy. Yes, there is such a thing. My wrists have been hurting since the summer and I finally decided to do something about it. Turns out I have some type of tendon problem, likely caused by using a laptop. HUH? But when they explained it to me, it makes sense. If you're typing on a laptop, look at your hands right now. See how they're angled in and there's a little bend in your wrists? That's the problem. Over time, it can create some strain or sprain or something. Now, I know my family (and possibly some of my friends) would like to say I have "Facebook-itis" but the truth is........I have a TOUCH of Facebook-itis with a little blog-itis thrown in, followed by some email-itis and some research-itis. Either way, the "cure" at this point is hand therapy (and a new keyboard. Oh, plus the monitor is supposed to be at eye-level. So, yeah, pretty much a desktop computer. Lame.)

It's a bit sad to admit this, but it's not such a bad thing going to hand therapy. For one thing, it's twice a week. You get to sit the whole time (ahh, mommy break), and they start you out by putting your arms in these nice arm rests and applying this wonderfully warm heat through the use of giant heating pads. You just sit and rest and feel all warm and cozy and chat with the funny therapist. Then, they slather your wrists with goop and do some ultrasound treatment that is virtually painless. The bummer is when the therapist comes in and actually starts to work on the painful parts, which hurts a great deal. But she sometimes applies minty-smelling goop that is nice and cold. And then you do some stretches. Finally, she applies some stretchy tape that "massages" your tendons and reduces swelling, but looks completely ridiculous. And they want you to leave it on for 2-3 days. But after the first time you wash your hands and get the tape wet, it drives you nuts. And then it starts to itch a bit. And who really leaves it on 2-3 days (I'm just trying to leave it on overnight!).

Of course, I'd much rather just have wrists that don't hurt every time I turn a doorknob or drive my car. But it's getting a little better. And since I have a new job, I don't spend as much time on the computer. Which might also benefit my ass size. So, it's a good thing. Still, I'm hoping it doesn't take too many more weeks to get my wrists back in good working order. Because I'd really like to do yoga again and I have a private archery lesson coming up. But mostly just so I don't have a jolt of pain every time I pull the covers up or grate cheese. Still, it's been an interesting experience. And I've learned a lot about hands. For instance, did you know it takes three pounds of pressure just to pull your pants up? Who knew? So, here's my PSA - take good care of your hands/wrists. Practice safe computering!

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