Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stupid Facebook!

For some reason, Facebook isn't working for me. Ever since Timeline took over my page, my posts do not show up. People keep asking me why I'm not on Facebook or why I'm not blogging anymore. BUT I AM! I have no idea how to fix it.....I've tried everything and sent reports to FB but nothing is working. So, for the record, I AM STILL ON FACEBOOK. Sort of.

And this really irritates me. For one thing, I've posted a lot of things I have wanted to share (duh!). If anything, I like to make people smile and so many times I've had someone comment to me "Your Facebook posts crack me up!" I figure if I made someone laugh, that's worth more than anything. So, I'm sad I can't make people laugh anymore. Or at least until FB fixes it. If they even do. Because, who really knows if they read your reports? It's not like you can just call up their customer service number. (Can you?)

Maybe it's a sign that I should not be on FB so much. In fact, I've been on less and less as I've been working and don't have access at work, then I'm running around doing errands, and can't check my FB while driving around, and when I finally get home, I have so many things to do that checking my FB ends up being the last thing I do for the day. But I still really enjoy catching up and it sure would be nice to participate instead of being one of those eerily quiet Facebook stalkers (which I hate, btw! If this is you, stop it. Post something now and then, weirdo!).

Anyway. The only people who will read this are those who read my blog through blogspot and those are few and far between. And it's not like I can post this on FB (but I will anyway, in the vain hope that it will actually publish to the news feed!). Stupid Facebook. Ruining my day(s).

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jeff said...

I still read it