Thursday, February 9, 2012

What if the whole world took a nap?

It's a rainy, gray, drizzly kind of day. The kind of day where, if you didn't live in the Pacific Northwest, you'd put your plans on hold and stay home and put on fuzzy socks and curl up in your adorable window seat with color-coordinated pillows and read a novel whilst sipping a cup of tea. Whoa, got a little carried away there.

The point is, as much as I would like to just say "screw it" and curl up in my bed, which is just a few tantalizing feet away, and so warm and snuggly and inviting, I must forge on to a previously scheduled obligation. It's for work. I'm getting paid. So, I kinda have to go. Also, it's a training, so if I don't attend tonight, the last night in the series, I won't get credit for the WHOLE DARN THING. Which would totally suck considering the twelve hours of my life I'll never get back that I've already spent on this required training.

And that's just really lame. Because it's such a perfect day for a nap. Or a book. Or anything that involves comfortable sweats and fuzzy socks. Ok, so I compromised and changed out of my cute work clothes and into yoga pants. But I still have to go.

What if we just didn't "go"? What if we just all stayed home and did whatever our hearts desired and threw caution to the wind and said "be damned!" and other such phrases? What would happen?

Sigh. I'll never know. Because now I must leave my warm and comfortable home and venture out where the cold rain stabs at me and people drone on and on and I get no service on my cell phone so I can't even play Words With Friends to pass the time. (First World Problems...haha!).

But I really wish I could take a nap. And I don't even have a window seat with color-coordinated pillows. Here I go............

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