Saturday, March 17, 2012

First world problems........

Today I am reminded of some "first world problems" we all face. You know, those niggling little annoyances that add up to big drama among us privileged to live in the U.S. of A. Here are some examples from my own home (disclaimer: while most of these come from my offspring, a few are mine, all mine):

- "I need a new phone, seriously! Only half my keys light up and it's just CRAP! I NEED an iPhone!"
- "My fastest game of solitaire is 58 seconds."
- "My phone is SO SLOW! Seriously, I have, like, NO signal!"
- My son, no kidding, just pulled up a stool next to his charging iPad so he could keep using it while he waits for it to charge.
- "Where's the remote?" followed by a furtive half-hour search, while missing the show they want to watch because no one will walk up to the TV to change the channel manually.
- A thirty minute argument over doing the dishes (which would have taken 15 minutes to do).
- "If you get me an iPhone, then all the apps I buy will help starving children in Africa" (HUH?)
- "I need a smartphone so I have WiFi on car trips!"
- You know that iCarly episode where that stupid dummy puppet from Victorious interviews all the iCarly characters and shows their bloopers? I've watched that about a dozen times MYSELF, so my kids have watched it more - why? Because we have On Demand and they can. P.S. it's not even funny.
- Dog barks downstairs. Mom texts several kids to "let the dog out". Mom hears from downstairs all the kids yelling at each other to "let the dog out!" No one lets dog out. Dog pees on floor. Rinse. Repeat.
- Since we're so lucky to have things like toilet paper and Pop Tarts, is it any wonder that first world people don't bother to put the toilet paper on the roll thingy or throw the Pop Tart box in the garbage when it's empty instead of leaving it on the pantry floor?
- Hearing people bitch over $3 for a drink at the theatre where they just paid $50 per ticket to see a show.

True story.

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jeff said...

Makes me long for the 3rd world