Friday, March 9, 2012

Teatro Zinzanni!!!

Jeff surprised us tonight with tickets to Teatro Zinzanni! I LOVE THIS SHOW and I can't say enough about how amazing it is. You really MUST see it. I've seen it in Seattle four times and in San Francisco once and I can honestly say it's the most entertainment you'll get in a show - so many incredible acts and a fabulous dinner to boot.

The story behind the story is this: Jeff and I saw a show in San Francisco featuring Christine Deaver. Now, this woman is HILARIOUS! She was so entertaining, and stopped by our table several times, referring to Jeff as her "little nugget". We took pictures after and when I returned home, I looked her up on Facebook. I friended her. She accepted my friend request. I enjoyed reading her posts about her life on and off the show.

Then, several weeks ago, Arlie took some pictures of the sunset one evening from our house. They were taken out a window, but they turned out fabulous! Just really stunning sunset photos. So, we put them on Facebook. And Christine Deaver "liked" one of Arlie's photos. I told Arlie about it, and explained who Christine was, and Arlie was smitten. Someone famous had "liked" her photo! I told her all about Teatro Zinzanni and how much I loved it and how we really needed to go someday. I messaged Christine to tell her how thrilled Arlie was that she liked her photo. Christine messaged back that it was now her computer screensaver. Arlie was even more thrilled.

I really wanted to take Arlie to see her show. Problem is, you pay through the nose for this incredible evening. And with a family of six, I just wasn't seeing how we could afford to go. At this point, Christine was in Seattle for her new show "Caliente" (co-written by her and "El Vez" - you just have to go see the show!). And yesterday, I got an email with a special offer for tonight's show. Tickets nearly half price. But still pretty pricey. I forwarded Jeff the email with a smiley face - just a "wish we could go" but not ever thinking it would happen. But.....Jeff did it!

So, of course we got all dressed up in sparkles. And we headed to Seattle. And we enjoyed one of the most priceless experiences ever. Because, not only had Christine reserved us a special table, we were treated to special treatment by many cast members as well, AND Christine pulled Arlie into the show twice! The first time, she was a "contestant" on "Super Caliente" - a game show to determine who was the "hottest". It was between Arlie and a Kenny Rogers lookalike. Well, sort of. First, they had to dress up in a fruit headdress a la Carmen Miranda, complete with a fluffy "skirt" and dance the macarena. Arlie shook her groove thang and won the contest hands down! Then, "round two" was to do a drum solo (on a drum set complete with gizmos to make lots of fun sounds). Arlie won that too! She was deemed "hottest" and given the distinction of being "La Reina" for a day, complete with crown, fur robe and a sash! Later in the show, she got on stage to do her drum solo again during "La Bamba". She was the star!!!

Christine came by again to tell Arlie what a great job she did. A random woman (who was more than a little inebriated) came up to our table and asked Arlie if she was 21! We all laughed and said she was 14. The woman laid $21 on the table and said "Happy Fucking Birthday" (followed by "sorry, mom and dad!") before walking away. Arlie's first tip! (And it wasn't her birthday).

We got our keepsake photo and Arlie was given a special photo of her and Christine and "El Vez" (known as "Tres" and "Cinco" in the show), signed by Christine.

What an amazing, unforgettable night! I can't WAIT to go again, and take all of the kids this time. Just watching the girls' faces during the acts was priceless. A contortionist/hoop dancer, singers, dancers, a trio of acrobats, amazing rope and pole acrobatics, and a percussion/tap act that was really unique. Every time we see this show, we see something that amazes us and makes us gasp. Watching Arlie, with her mouth agape the entire time, at times clutching the sides of her head and just staring in amazement, was worth every penny. And Hannah had the best seat in the house, as every main actor interacted with her (she even held Cinco's pants and whisk for him!).

I've loved the show since the first time I experienced it five years ago. But I never knew how incredible it would be to share it with my kids. I only wish I'd had all four of them there with me. Amazing, amazing night! Thank you Christine and Teatro Zinzanni, for making such an unforgettable experience for my family!

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