Monday, March 19, 2012

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day........

Today I woke up at 6:15 a.m. after having slept only four hours. I lay in bed until 7, at which time I had JUST enough time to get ready for work and dash out the door. Just as I was leaving my room, I received this text: There is dog crap and barf downstairs. I had to leave. This, from my son, who DID have a bus to catch. But still. So, I went downstairs, abandoning any notion that I might have time to grab something quick to eat on the way out the door, and instead set to cleaning up a trail of dog turds and two large spots of dog vomit on the carpet (always the carpet, never the hardwood). I could not find ANY type of carpet cleaner so I quickly decided to make my own using vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap. Only I mixed it in a tiny bowl. So, of course, the volcano effect happened and the mixture poured all over the counter, and dripped down the cabinet fronts. I hastily wiped it up and scooped the mixture into paper towels to use as carpet cleaner. I did a cursory job of scrubbing the carpet, grabbed my purse and lunch, washed my hands and left - 20 minutes late. No breakfast, but thank God for the nice people who sometimes put treats in the staff room, I grabbed a muffin that had been there since the Friday before, and a clementine.

After work, I had to take my daughter, her boyfriend, and a friend to the airport, and pick up my other daughter from the airport. I had JUST enough time to dash home from work and collect them. As they loaded the car, I took an opportunity to pee (my first that morning), and when I got upstairs, I found cat poop on the floor. I yelled through the closed door of the kids' bathroom where my daughter was taking a shower "there's cat poop on the floor! I have to go!" and ran back downstairs to get in the car. Only, I realized the dog was missing. I went back in to search for the dog, finding him nowhere in the house. He had obviously taken our rushed situation as an opportunistic time to escape and wander the neighborhood. He came back after a short search and I locked him in the kennel. Stupid dog.

I went to the airport, dropped off kids, picked kid up, stopped at Safeway to pick up a chicken dinner, fed everyone, went to a dress rehearsal, took the kids to Dairy Queen, came home, made lunches, picked the chicken clean and made chicken salad, boiled the bones for broth, cleaned up the counters, paid bills, canceled a dentist appointment, made a list for tomorrow, helped kid register for next year's classes, and now I'm finally tucking in with my computer. Did I mention my husband is out of town? I just want sleep. And to have no pets. And a snack.

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