Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why are concerts so expensive?

My kids have been to exactly one concert. I splurged for Maroon 5 tickets when my son, who was five, was obsessed with them. And when I say "splurged" I mean I paid $35 each for them.

So, when Hannah Montana came to town, and tickets were going for over $400 if you could even get them, I had to say (HELL) no to my precious girls. Because, for one thing, I have three girls.

And now these concerts come along and my kids beg and plead to go, but at an average of $100 per ticket, it's just not feasible. Not to mention, the tickets sell out in nanoseconds.

I don't get it. I cannot understand what kind of money-driven frenzy garners both the price and the demand. The most expensive concert ticket I've purchased was $85 each for Green Day, two years ago, for my husband's birthday. Before that, MANY years before, I shelled out $80 a ticket to see the Eagles, but I figured after seeing them live and in concert, I could die happy.

My first concert was Shaun Cassidy. I was ten. I vividly remember my mom sitting a few rows back from my sister and I (and our friends), and seeing Shaun himself come bursting through a ring of white paper as the concert started. After that stupendous performance, how could I not be hooked? So, at age 13 I saw Styx. In between I went to one or two Willie Nelson concerts with my parents in various fairground locations, hazy with weed smoke.

My concert-going days were limited until after high school. I was in college when I heard Madonna was coming to Seattle. I was overjoyed. No one else wanted to go. I went anyway (I can't even remember who went with me) and I loved it. My first big date with my ex-husband was to the Doobie Brothers. I'll admit I thought "what's with this nerd taking me to the Doobie Brothers?" but it turns out I knew almost every song. Take me by the hand, pretty mama........

And my concert-loving days had begun. I saw Eddie Murphy's "Raw" (I'm pretty sure every girl there left mad at her date), Boston, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Los Lobos, Steve Miller Band, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Reba McEntire, Bruce Springsteen, Train and more.

I wish concerts weren't so pricey. I'd love for my kids to experience music live from their favorite artists. I'd love to take them to concerts and watch them experience it. But who has a couple hundred lying around for such ventures?

I guess I really need an entertainment fund. One that covers concerts, plays, and other live performances. Guess I'll just take out a second mortgage.........

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jeff said...

Second mortgage? What's that?
I can count the concerts I'e gone to on 2 hands: Howard Jones was my first real concert follwed by GnR/Metalica, Tom petty, Green Day, Weezer and maybe 2-3 has been bands at the fairgrounds. That's it. I can almost get them on one hand:(