Sunday, June 10, 2012

Twitter's A-Flitter

Here's the thing with social networks. Once you post something, EVERYONE can see what you say. My last post was a bit of a nod to that, and this one is no exception. Only this time, the person lives in my house and it's a Twitter rant.

June 9:
One day back home & my mom is already yelling at me, ordering me around, and treating me like a child.  
Well, I DID say "you have one week to get your room organized". I didn't yell it. It could be considered an "order", I suppose. And she IS a child, at least as long as I'm supporting her, so I guess if having rules and expectations is treating one like a child, then...guilty!

One day home and I already want my own space back.
I want your space back, too. I could use an office, or a yoga room, or my own escape.

Trying to clean my room with my mom yelling at me is difficult...
So is trying to clean the WHOLE HOUSE while you continue to put crap outside your door and on the counters. I'm a little #stressed too.

At this point, one of her Twitter friends offers her a garage to rent. Sounds like a fair trade!

Literally feel dead.  
You can't "literally" feel dead. Because if you did, you'd BE dead and then you wouldn't feel. Duh. And the Benadryl? She insisted she needed it to sleep. Of course, getting up before 4:30 in the afternoon works, too.

My mom asks me to help her clean/decorate for the stupid cast party today, and them does nothing but yell & criticize me. 
Actually, I did do it myself. With the help of her siblings who were kind enough to actually help me and not Tweet about how much they hated it. For the record, I asked her to hold one end of a tablecloth for me so I could stretch it out over the table.

Also, my siblings have the radio absolutely BLASTING and my mom won't tell them to turn it down.  
We did have the radio up loud. I turned it on myself. We were cleaning and the vacuum was running and it was loud and fun. Made things a little more bearable for all. It wasn't hurting anyone and we intended to turn it down when guests arrived, which we did. Also, I'm 44 and she's 18 and last time I checked, it was the OLD person who always wanted the music turned down.

I need an apartment. Stat
Yes, she does! Unfortunately, being unemployed with only a minimum-wage summer job doesn't allow for much in the rental market. I say before you start saying what you "need" you'd better be sure you can afford to fund it. 

We need quiet hours at my house. 
This is not a dorm, and it's never quiet. Get used to it.

Note to my family: if you have to scream at the person next to you to have a conversation, the music is too loud. 
Again with the music. It was not that loud. And I'm a mom, so that's saying something.

One if the guests outside has a FUCKING WEIRD LAUGH.
Now she's insulting our guests? Perhaps if she were out socializing with us, instead of watching "Modern Family" on her computer (aka best friend), she would know what the laughing was all about.

My mom told me that the van had a flat and that I had to take it to get fixed. Now she's talking shit about me to the other moms. 
Yes, indeed, I did inform her that she would need to allow for extra time to get the tire fixed before her noon dentist appointment. I reminded her of this because (see previous) she generally does not wake up before noon. Her answer was "I'm not going to have enough time." and "Can't Jeff do it?" Sadly, Jeff and mommy both have to work in the morning. Because it's Monday. And we have jobs.

(Editor's note: I have to skip one of the posts because it's rude and insulting to one person and I do not want this person to get their feelings hurt by my rude daughter)

I need all these people to leave so my wifi gets stronger. They're all using it right now.  
The only good thing about this post is that she does acknowledge that hers are #firstworldproblems and that she's lazy. She "needed" the WiFi so she would watch "Modern Family" on her laptop. Meanwhile, the room is still full of boxes and clothes and crap and remains unorganized and a mess.

All I can say is SERIOUSLY? We just racked up nearly $20,000 in student loans for you to attend your first year of college and this is what we get the first weekend home?

This is a sad state of affairs. I spent the second weekend in a row flying solo because my husband was out of town and I had more than my share of kid drama, dog drama and general chaos and I was so tired tonight I was near tears. I don't even have words for this type of disrespect.

And later tonight, she helped her sister with a project. Of course, there was the requisite begging and drama, along with an offer of money to help from the little sister (which I forbid!). But she ended up helping her, like a big sister should, out of the goodness of her heart, without expecting anything in return. Why can't she be like this all the time?

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