Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random blogginess.......

It's been nearly three weeks since I've blogged, mostly because I haven't been "struck". By that, I mean, a sudden inspiration or idea hasn't struck me out of the blue, causing me to stay up late, or be late to something, because I simply MUST blog about it, RIGHT NOW.

However, that doesn't mean there are not blog-worthy things happening in the Moore/Gordon household. Hey, that right there reminds me of something. If you're a blended family, you can't really have one of those cute name signs on your door, or hang the initial of your last name in a giant, art-deco letter on your wall. Nope, because when you're a blended family, you have two last names (at least!) and in our house, three are Moore and three are Gordon. So, there's that.

Harrison just finished opening night of the musical "13". He was FABULOUS, and I'm biased, but it's been confirmed by many who are not even related to him, so I'm going with fabulous. He did such a great job, and the show was funny, but also poignant, at one point reminding me what a fragile, confusing, difficult age 13 can be. And my baby is exactly 13. I got a little emotional. And, wow, bursting with pride, really, at what it takes to make an individual put themselves out there on stage, sing their heart out, act with abandon, and just make it all look so easy. I'm truly in awe of this kid. He is incredible!

Next week Harrison and Arlie will be camp counselors for Camp Coyote again. My kids have done this camp for twelve years now. First, as campers, and now, as counselors. Hard to believe my little ones have grown up to the point that they are now the ones leading the "little kids" in camp activities. Gah! Where does the time go? I always use the camp week as a reason to take a mom break, hang out, enjoy some kid-free time. However, this time Hannah won't be participating because she's headed off to California (with a side trip to Vegas!) in a few days, so the first few days I'll be hanging with her, I'm sure. Plus, Hayley is here and working off and on at Subway. It's a different kind of summer. And before I know it, ALL the time will be like "camp week" and all the kids will be off doing their own thing and I'll be a sad, old lady alone at home with my cat. (HA! Who am I kidding?).

OH! Exciting news! I have a new hobby - archery! I even have my own recurve bow, which is amazing and all Robin Hood-ish. I have six shiny new arrows and a target on the side of the house so I can practice my skills any time. Jeff and I have been involved in a few friendly competitions, and I'm not too shabby for a beginner! I really love it. It's something I can do anytime I want a little break, it takes little preparation, can be done any time of day, and is right outside my door! Awesome!

Summer is flying by way too fast and I've not had nearly enough adventure to sustain me. The busy-ness of life has prevented us from doing a lot of the "usual" summer stuff like camping or going fishing in the evenings. So, I'm looking forward to trying to squeeze in some more good times, like our recent trip to Boise. Jeff participated in a half-marathon (2.5 hrs to finish!), and we got to spend wonderful time with our family, including a birthday party for my adorable great-nephews. I just love those babies to pieces, and their little sister, too. I could spend every day with them. I miss having babies!

Well, Jeff just walked in the kitchen in his boxers, a t-shirt and running shoes. Guess it's ghetto exercise time at my house! :) Gotta run.............

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