Monday, August 13, 2012


We spent a long time in Cabela's this past weekend and spent a small fortune (most of it on car-top carriers for the kayaks, which we needed, but still....). AFTER we got home, I found a 10% off coupon!! Big bummer, except that Harrison had a cast party in the same town tonight so it was a good excuse to go back up and get the price adjustment (which amounted to no small change and which I promptly pocketed while my husband was away looking at arrows - heh!).

So, our "quick trip" to Cabela's turned into almost two hours of Jeff getting a private lesson in archery from a large, blonde woman while I toured the store (which I had already toured on Saturday) looking for interesting things. Here is but a smattering of what I found:

Camo Bibles in blue and pink for boys and girls!
Genuine Elk In Heat Urine!
A decorative frame with a large moose head emblazoned in one corner!
Pop guns! Lots of pop guns! And one boy in particular who would NOT stop popping the pop guns! (I would have ripped his head off, except that it was MY son who was doing that on Saturday, so I let it go. This time).
Brownie, cookie and pancake mix that came in little fabric bags!
TWO overstuffed camo covered recliners! (With two people sitting in them saying, "these are SO comfortable!" I was uncomfortable just looking at them.)
A book about tanning elk hides - at home!
A rubber duck!
A rubber quail!
A rubber pheasant!
A large, fake deer with a bullseye on it's side! (Bummer of a birthmark, Hal!)
Wild gooseberry jam!
Gun cases!
Gun safes!
A child's toy playset complete with dolls, 4x4 vehicle, tent, jet ski, four-runner, and two kids.
A complete set of "Hunter Dan" toys - dolls, vehicles, little tiny guns, deer blinds. Hunter Dan has it all!

And while I was bored, I picked up a few things myself - a pink multi-tool for my purse (yes! I am so badass!), a pink container of pepper spray for Hayley's keychain (to ward off drunken college coeds), and a pink LED light for Hayley's keychain. I only buy pink stuff from Cabela's. Although I still don't understand pink camo. How are you supposed to hide in the woods in pink? There are no pink trees. There are no pink animals (except for some pigs, but they are not the type to run wild in the woods). I don't get it.

Ah well, another two hours of my life spent in Disneyland for Dads. And I'm so proud of myself for avoiding the "jerky chew" and elk 'n' cheddar dip! Yay, Cabela's!

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jeff said...

Ahhhh, Cabelas:) I'm sooo bummed that i need to go back and tweak my bow one more time before the season starts - this time fo safety reasons so you can't say no.

Pink camo: It's not so much the color but breaking up the shape some animals are color blind, duh.