Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things that are yucky...........

Blue cheese. Or bleu cheese if you want to be all french-ass about it. Red Vines. Black licorice, since we're on the topic. Black jellybeans. Which taste like black licorice.

Lamb. Veal. Venison. Parakeet. Kidding.

Canned peas. Asparagus - mostly because I'm allergic, but who wants to eat something that makes your pee smell funny? Gross.

Liver. Olives. Well, a little bit of olives, but a lot of olives is yucky. Feta cheese. The word itself is so close to "feet" which is what feta reminds me of. Stinky feet. Ew.

Gloppy fruit. This includes pie, jam, and even extends to lemon curd, but that's ok if you just get a hint of it. Jam should not include chunks of fruit. Nor should yogurt. Just ICK. Fresh fruit is fine, and wonderful, but any fruit swimming in a glossy gel is just WRONG.

Any gum flavors other than bubblegum, cinnamon and/or some mints. Watermelon-flavored anything. Except watermelon, which is divine! Watermelon Jolly Ranchers are the worst offender.

Anything "gummy". Gummy bears, Swedish Fish, and horror of all horrors, Sour Patch Kids or those sugary-covered gummy worms. Gummy vitamins included.

Stuffed bell peppers. Childhood torture. Actually ANYTHING with bell peppers. The only thing a bell pepper is good for is holding ranch dip for other, more worthy, vegetables.

Kidney beans. My firstborn once threw up whole kidney beans THREE DAYS after eating them. They were whole and unchanged. To this day it remains a mystery and I have not consumed kidney beans since. They are clearly not real food.

Mussels, oysters or any other chewy seafood you slurp down whole. The point?

And now, some non-food yucky things.

Other people's baby's spit up. MY baby's spit up is fine, but other people's baby's spit up is horrific. On the same topic, other people's baby's poopy diapers. Horrible!

Kids who pick their noses and eat the "gold". I would (did) smack my kids if they ever even LOOKED like they were thinking about it. Eye boogers. The dust/grime that collects at the back of the toilet seat. Smelly dishcloths. Smelly towels. Smelly dogs. Smelly is a funny word. Say it over and over. What the...??

Enough already! Tomorrow: things that are wonderful!

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