Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The first, long day.........

Today was my first day back at work after a long, lazy summer. Sleeping in WAS the norm, and everything was relatively unscheduled. It was fun to be a kid again. Today, I had to be a grown-up. Which we all know sucks. :)

So, I went to work (thanking GOD I only work part-time because 1. I need at LEAST the other half of the day to drive my kids all over Hell and Creation, and 2. I work with special-needs kids, which feels like working a ten hour day every 30 minutes!), and after work I raced home to pick up the girls by 1:30 so Hannah could be at rehearsal by 1:45 (ish). Dropped her off, and headed to the junior high to pick up Harrison who was working as a "Web Leader" helping incoming 7th graders become acquainted with the school (and singing the praises of the nacho cheese sauce at school which is "real, not rubbery. You don't even have to peel off the first layer to get to the cheese!" Thank you, Jesus, for real lunchroom food.). After dropping him off at home, I received a text from Hayley that said "My bike broke and I can't ride it home." Because we're down one car, she had to ride her bike to work today. But, alas, it "broke" (read, the chain fell off!) so she could not ride it home. Back down the hill I went to pick her and the broken bike up and deposit both back at home.

Finally I could run my errands! I desperately needed to go to the dance supply store and get Hannah new character shoes because she LOST hers (and she will pay dearly!) and new jazz shoes because hers were full of holes and her performance is this weekend. Arlie also needed tap shoes and new jazz shoes, and these nifty little things called "foot undies". They are basically a thong for your foot. Slutty feet. Anyway. Getting to this place was a death-defying feat as it is located off a VERY busy highway and you have to veer over an on-ramp and swerve into the parking lot at breakneck speed to avoid being broadsided by a pickup truck, then narrowly avoid hitting the car leaving the parking lot just as you are driving in. Well, maybe that was just me. We spent about 30 minutes trying on shoes in a stuffy upstairs room and then went downstairs to plunk down $220 for four pairs of shoes! Good Lord in Heaven.

We then had to take the shoes back to the high school so Hannah could try them on. Thankfully, they fit, so I'm hoping I don't have to return to the store and make another stunt move to get into the parking lot. After the shoe drop (haha, see what I did there?), we headed to the music store to pick up the newly repaired flute ($95) and the piccolo which needed a complete overhaul to the tune of $295 which we declined. A very nice lady, who had THREE flute degrees (really?), worked on the piccolo for us (for FREE!) and got it working just fine. So, now Arlie has both a flute and a piccolo for band tomorrow (and a promise from nice lady to provide private lessons next month).

We also stopped by the dance studio to sign up, but no one was there. So, that's another thing I have to do tomorrow!

We finally got home and I was STARVING! I whipped up a tater-tot casserole and realized I had ten ears of corn I bought several days ago that weren't getting any fresher. So, I shucked corn while literally shaking from hunger, and added that to the dinner menu (along with watermelon which has become a staple around here!). What's this? A home-cooked meal after a long, long day? SUPERWOMAN! Eh.

And now I have to assemble some photos because tomorrow is my "show and tell" day at kindergarten where I "show" pictures of my family and "tell" the kids about them. I also have to fill out a sports packet, get a package ready to mail, get my clothes ready for tomorrow, make lunches, do some laundry, and make sure the kids are ready for school tomorrow (which mostly consists of changing the date on our "first day of school" sign we use every year in pictures!). Oh, I also did some legit work for my husband on his computer, with directions texted to me from a remote campsite, and I made a couple of appointments/phone calls while waiting in the car.

But, most importantly, it's Dance Moms night so all this shit needs to be done by 9 because after that I'm watching my smut, and enjoying my fleur de sel caramels my husband had shipped overnight to me from San Francisco for our anniversary. And then I'll sleep a few hours and do it all over again.

Being a kid is FUN! Kids, quit bitching about going to school and that one stupid science teacher you have! You could be paying your own bills! I'll leave you with this:


Happy Tuesday! :)

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