Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The second, long day..........

So, today was just as long as yesterday. Which doesn't surprise me because they're all 24 hours, no? The kids started school today so I made sure to block out some time to take the requisite pictures with the requisite sign (that we've had for YEARS!). Then, I sent them off, smiling and happy, to start a bright, shiny new year of school. HA! Kidding! I sent them off with grimaces, sleepy and nervous, to the way-too-early bus. I barely got into the house when I got a "we forgot our lunches!" text. Crap. I raced up to the bus stop in the van and the driver was loading the last kids. I motioned frantically for them to come and get their lunches but they just looked mortified to be caught in the "dork forgot their lunch" moment and looked helplessly at me from their window seats. WTF? The bus drove off and I circled back around to the house with the lunches, leaving them on the porch for my ex to pick up and deliver (saved by the dad).

Then, I was ten minutes late for work. BUT I was a total badass so it didn't matter. Here's why. I was supposed to bring in pictures of my family to do "show and tell" today (which was really a lesson in how to do show and tell for the kids). All my pictures are on my computer and I didn't have ANY time last night or this morning to put something together, so I just grabbed my whole laptop and took it to work with me. When I got there, no one was around yet, so I plugged in my computer and put together a powerpoint presentation of my family in TEN MINUTES! And it was the VERY FIRST time I've ever done a powerpoint. I mean, I'm lucky I even knew where to FIND it on my computer. Rockstar!

I mentioned that I needed to leave immediately after work to run an errand, but got caught up laminating some stuff and left 15 minutes late. I raced to Target to buy black pants for Harrison for the show this weekend. While I was there Hannah texted me that she needed black sweats. I scooped up two pairs of black pants for Harrison, the sweats, and, ok, a couple of lip tints for myself. I scurried home to pick up Hannah and take her to rehearsal. Dropped her off and headed to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription. And, ok, a couple more makeup items for myself. By this time the jr high kids would be getting home, so I drove back to the house to collect them and take them to a little "first day of school" coffee outing. But first I stopped by the thrift store to find some black shoes for Harrison. Total score! Not only did I find black shoes, I found black pants (hello, returning the 29.99 pair and the 24.99 pair I picked up at Target!), and two whole bags of other clothes for a grand total of $20. This included a fancy dress for Arlie, a jacket, sweater, top and skirt for me, the pants for Harrison, the shoes, AND, the find of the day, the most horrendously patterned dress with the tag still attached ($80!) for 2.50. Hello, Halloween costume for me! :)


Then, we headed to Starbucks where I dropped more cash for coffee and treats than for all those clothes combined. By the way, the new salted caramel cake pop is divine. The kids unloaded a mound of papers on me to sign, fill out, and read. We went home for a few minutes to change and then raced to rehearsal (after I looked at the clock and said "HOLY SHIT! Is it really 5:10? We've gotta GO!").

Rehearsal. Wow. Lots of tension. STRESS with a capital "S". The kids ran their numbers, there was lots of discussion, we waited for Harrison to run his number with the high school cast. I took a group picture of the kids (after reminding them to gather for the group picture and then having half of them change out of their costumes before we got the picture! Argh!). Arlie and I ran to QFC for some dinner stuff around 7. I just ate my sandwich, which was a hot panini at 7, but a mushy mess at 9:30. Oh well.

I got home, edited the group picture, ordered a poster to pick up tomorrow at Costco so it will be ready to put in the lobby for the show, and made a mental note of all the extra supplies the kids need now that school has started (A 120-page spiral? Wow, that's specific. And a 1 inch binder for just your class? After I bought the huge zippered binder for "all" the classes?). Now I get to make lunches, clean up the kitchen, put together the essential items for tomorrow, and, hopefully, finally get some sweet sleep.

Jeff texted me earlier from elk camp saying he was tired and at camp "waiting for night to come". Whaaattt?

Whatever. I have pink frosted cookies I bought at the store. So there.

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