Friday, September 7, 2012

The third, long day.........

Today I got up before my alarm AND I had everything I needed for the day already packed and sitting by the door, AND I had time to make a smoothie for breakfast, AND I took two pink cookies in my lunch, so the day started out pretty awesome. It was my "longer" day at work, so I got a lot of stuff done after the kinders left, and then I ran to Target to return the pants I bought for Harrison yesterday (see yesterday's post!), then Costco to pick up the poster I had made of the kids' choir for the lobby. Then, I came home and actually had a few minutes to eat something, check my email and Facebook, and.........the best part ever.........I got to lay down for an hour and I may have just fallen asleep for a few minutes! The bad part about that is I was sleeping because my head hurt. A lot.

So, I woke up in time to remind the kids to get ready for the show, and that we needed to leave in a half hour. Harrison was on his iPad and ignored me. I noticed he had failed to completely clean up a spot of dog barf on the carpet (because of COURSE the dog barfed since my husband isn't here to clean it, and of COURSE it was the dog who NEVER barfs. Except when I'm home and my husband is not, apparently). Anyway, Harrison had to re-clean the spot and I reminded him, again, to get everything together. Finally, at 5:30 Arlie and I headed to the car and I asked Harrison if he was ready. He assured me he "just" needed to "grab" his things from upstairs.

We arrived on time, but of course, that had to be cursed, because minutes after we arrived, Harrison realized he had grabbed the wrong shirt from the dryer (he was supposed to have all his stuff put together, not grabbing stuff from the dryer!). I had to drive all the way back home and get the correct shirt. 45 minutes round trip (and we only live 6 miles from the school, but it was rush hour, after all!). Made it back a few minutes before curtain and all was well. Except for Harrison, who will not see his iPad for many, many days.

The show went off without a hitch. Well, there were some hitches. Like mics that were not turned on, lights that didn't go up or down on time, and some awkward moments with the emcees, but otherwise it was a good show! We didn't get home until after 11, but thank you, Taco Bell, for being open late because we were craving tacos something wicked. And of course I had to edit and upload photos so here it is, almost 1 a.m., and I'm not even in bed yet. Have to be back at the school by 8:15 for an assembly performance. Take Hayley to work by 10. Take Hannah to her consulting teacher appointment, pick up Hayley from work, and then get the kids back to the theatre for another show tomorrow night (during which I will volunteer as "kid wrangler" which means I have to keep the kids' choir in line - mwahahah!). Oh, and did I mention that I have family coming in unexpectedly for the show? I'm super excited but my house isn't guest-ready. And likely won't be. Because when would I clean it? I just hope they can overlook our slovenly ways. I wish I had a maid.

Update on the husband front - he sent me a picture of an owl, and texted that he hiked a bazillion miles today and "accomplished his goal of seeing elk". Um. I thought the goal was to shoot an elk. With a bow and arrow.  Okey doke. He also mentioned he hiked 10 hrs and burned 4500 calories (because only my husband would be out in the wilderness but still have his heart rate monitor on him!). Well, la-di-dah. He's missing his bed, hot shower, and apparently (but in third place) me.

Toodles. Time to crash.

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