Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday - food shopping, lasagna and P90X

Today was a typical Monday. I guess. Work was good, even though I arrived ten minutes late for a very important meeting (I wasn't actually a part of the meeting - my job was to "watch" the student who's parents were IN the meeting). I would really like to know how I can leave my house at 7:45 a.m. and get to work at 8:10 a.m. but I can also leave my house at 7:25 a.m. and get to work at 8:10 a.m. Leaving early did NOTHING for me this morning and the back ups were way worse than usual. Ugh. So, I had to do the walk of shame into the principal's office and retrieve the child. Going to the principal's office never loses it's luster. Or dread.

So, after work I went grocery shopping. Which, how is it possible to need to go grocery shopping just a few days after you did "the big shop" and certainly had enough food for the rest of the month? I spent $300 on groceries last week and just spent another $200 today. Why do they need food EVERY day? Sigh. Also, it takes SO LONG to shop from a list and use coupons. I mean, I do it anyway, but I was in the store for an hour and a half! Ok, so I spent the first half hour or so looking at clothes and trying on bras. But still....... (oh, I should point out that I shop at Fred Meyer which is "one stop shopping" for those of you who wonder why we have bras in our grocery store).

I got home and made dinner. Jeff and I were proactive and made a lasagna last night so all I had to do was pop it in the oven, throw together a salad and warm up some garlic bread, right? WhatEVER. I sat down to eat at 5:30 - and it was the first time I sat down since walking through the door at 3:30. That's the thing about dinner. It takes so much TIME to prepare. UGH! And they didn't have any garlic bread. So, I had to use Italian bread. And put butter and garlic on it MYSELF. UUUGGGHHH. And.....make a salad. You have to wash the lettuce and tear it up.........just way too much work for a food that has no calories, therefore gives you no energy. This is why making cookies makes sense. Think of all the energy you get from cookies! Totally worth the work!

After dinner Jeff asked me to help him get ready to do the P90X program. He bought it off Craig's List. I rolled my eyes. But tonight he asked me to help him do the fitness test and take the silly "before" pictures. The book actually suggests poses. I love those before and after pictures because the person always looks so distraught and uncomfortable in the "before" but in the "after" they are smiling and flexing their muscles and (let's admit it) sucking their gut in! So, we took the requisite measurements and pictures and then started the fitness test. Just for fun, I did it, too, and I think we were both surprised at the results. Jeff did pretty well -exceeding nearly every test's minimum. But that's not surprising for a guy who's been fit all his life, rides his bike to work nearly every day, and does triathlons "for fun." What surprised me was that I exceeded nearly all the tests as well. Except for the chin up. Which I did exactly 0 of. What happened to the girl who used to swing from the monkey bars? Who did the cherry drop (three swings and a swooping drop) and the dead man's fall? I was fearless on the bars. Now, I can't even hang from the bars for fear my arms might actually rip from their sockets. Oh well. No chin ups. And the jumping jack test at the end........well, let's just say my sports bra was NOT intended for that kind of abuse. Holy hell, I had to resort to just running in place holding my boobs. Jumping jacks indeed. I do not jump.

After the test was over I asked Jeff if he was going to do the first workout or if we could just go to bed now. He said "bed." LOL! But what he did was take a shower, get some ice cream and THEN head to bed to read about the workout. If only it were so easy.

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jeff said...

You crack me up:)

And now I'm wondering how in the heck am I going to follow the P90X nutritian guidelines with such poor habits:(