Friday, October 26, 2012


Today I took Hannah to an orthodontist appointment at 9 a.m. Upon arriving at the office, the first thing I noticed was a grown man wearing pajama bottoms, a t-shirt with a coat over it, and flip-flops with socks. He was unshaven, clearly having just rolled out of bed (this was confirmed later when he mentioned to one of the office staff that he received a message that his appointment was earlier than planned so he "rolled out of bed" and hurried to the office so he wasn't late). And I call bullshit on that. How hard is it to throw on some pants? Shoes? Or take off the socks and just wear the flip-flops? Brush your hair?

I'm so sick of seeing people in their pajamas in public. It's not only the epitome of lazy, but it's also gross. I don't want your ass sitting all over chairs in public with your nasty pajamas on that you've probably been wearing four or five nights in a row, and have all your bed germs on them. Ew! Plus, are you going to just wear them home, lounge around in them all day and then crawl back into bed with them on? Sicko. Now they have "public" germs on them. Just wrong.

I hear my teenagers refer to it as "scrubbing." As in "I'm scrubbin' it today!" while wearing sweats, a sweatshirt, slippers that "double" as shoes because they have a semi-stable sole, and a "messy bun." Seriously? A messy bun is just another word for "bed head." We all know your hair is unwashed; pulling it up into a semi-bun and plucking out a few strategic strands does not disguise that fact. One time I went to my son's classroom wearing sheepskin slippers because I had them on at home, and ran out of the house before I realized I had them on, and not shoes. I was mortified. But then, I realized no one even noticed and they probably thought I was just "scrubbin'" that day.

I don't have a job where I have to wear fancy "work" clothes, but I do wear nice jeans, cute tops, matching jewelry. My day off, I live for my yoga pants, but I pair them with a nice top. I wouldn't be caught dead at the bus stop in flannel pajama bottoms and duck slippers; even when I stayed home and didn't "have to" dress for anyone or anything, I still put on real clothing and made an effort to tame my Medusa curls.

I mean, to each his own, but how hard is it, really, to just put on clothes and "get ready" for the day? I feel gross when I don't shower in the morning, and, although I'm a sport when it comes to camping with no showers, I live for baby wipes and a "spit bath" and nothing feels better than that first shower after a couple days in the camper. I don't know how people skip showers and wear the same clothes for days. Especially if you don't HAVE to.

Don't get me wrong - pajama day is fun! But not every day. And not in public. Especially if you're over the age of 18. Seriously. Just get dressed.

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