Monday, October 15, 2012

The "F" word..........

I thought the "F" word a lot today. As in, it's so "F"ing early, why did I stay up till 1:30 a.m? Or, I'm so "F"ing tired, how am I going to get through the next four hours with these kindergarteners? Or, I'm so "F"ing tired of driving all over the place every day. I didn't say it (much) but I thought it (a lot).

Today I got up at 6:30 (haha, set my alarm a half hour later so I could "sleep in") after going to bed at 1:30 a.m. And I was tired, of course. But off I went to work, and work was fine. After work, I ran home to get Hannah for rehearsal, barely making it in time to drop her off and pick up a friend's daughter to drop her off at her mom's school. After that I went home, checked my email, typed out a schedule for the kids' babysitting job, and ate two brownies. Then, I picked Hannah up and took her to get her student ID picture taken. The lady handed me a packet and I said, oh, I just want to get her ID card and she says, oh, that will be five dollars. And I thought the "F" word again, as in, those kids spent all my "F"ing cash and I forgot my "F"ing checkbook at home so now what? And she said, no problem, as long as I have it by tomorrow. And I thought, when will I have time tomorrow to bring you five dollars? And so we got the picture and left to go to the bank and get some cash. And of course, I got two twenties. So, I took Hannah to Taco Time which served two purposes: 1. to get her dinner because at that point, I knew there would not be time before driver's ed to feed her, and 2. to break the twenty. When I handed the money to the guy and said I don't care what change you give me as long as one of them is a five, he looked at the twenty, then at me and said, um, I don't know if I can do that and I had to explain to him that part of my change would be a ten and he could easily just give me two fives. He said ohhhhh like he still did not understand and he took a long time counting my change. And I turned to Hannah and said, stay in school! and thought who the "F" gets a job at Taco Time and can't make change?

So, then I took the five back to the lady at the pictures. And then I had to hurry home so Hannah could get her driver's ed book. And I thought, I really have to "F"ing pee right now so I took two minutes to do just that and then we hurried back into the car to pick up our carpool friend. And he took a few minutes coming out so I thought hurry the "F" up, kid. And then we headed to driver's ed. Only there was traffic and I thought we'd just take the shortcut I found a few days before but that turned into a long cut and the kids kept saying how they were going to be late and I thought, shut the "F" up, I'm doing the best I can. And they were late.

Then, I took the long cut back home, only this time I got lost even more and ended up way far away than I should have been and I thought, I "F"ing hate Mill Creek, that city never ends and it's not even a city but a bunch of expensive neighborhoods and roads that wind around and confuse you. And then I found my way back and pulled in the driveway just as my husband, who had been away all of yesterday and today on a crazy mountain hiking adventure, walked into the garage looking like a crazy mountain man with his backpack and all. And I thought what the "F"? But I didn't have time to talk to him because I had just enough time to get Arlie for her piccolo lesson. So, I headed back outside without so much as walking farther than the entryway and we drove to the lesson.

The lesson was an hour, during which time I checked my Facebook and Twitter on my phone and listened to notes so high I was sure the glass would break. And I thought, man, the piccolo is really "F"ing screechy. And I ended up writing a check for three more lessons (cha-"F"ing-ching) and we headed home. But we were starving by this time, because, you know, no dinner again, so I stopped at Little Ceasar's and it said "we have pizza hot and ready at 4 and 8 p.m." and it was 8:30 so I said, we're "F"ed. But we weren't. Because we got pizza. And breadsticks. And everyone was happy.

And, I thought, I am so "F"ing tired. I hate Mondays. "F" Mondays.

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This explains a lot:)