Friday, November 16, 2012


I love Pinterest. When I first discovered it, I spent hours trolling through the pages, pinning everything and anything. And then, I realized I needed to slow down. Was I really going to make all those crafts and concoct all those dishes? Psh. I don't even have time to pee some days, how was I going to do all that wonderful Pinterest-y stuff?

So, I created boards that were full of things I would really try, really cook, and yeah, I have a board of just funny stuff because I like to laugh, and one of just dresses because they are beautiful.

On my craft board I have a couple of pins relating to things you can create from old, discarded t-shirts. I picked a couple of things I thought looked fun and/or useful/interesting and tried them. And I failed. I failed miserably.

The first thing I tried was a "t-shirt necklace." This was created by cutting ribbons of t-shirt and then pulling them in order to get them to "curl up" a little, then bundling them all together with a piece of t-shirt for a "wrap" and wearing it like a necklace. Well. The first thing I noticed was that the strips of t-shirt did not "curl" when I pulled them but rather stretched out about twice their length. By the time I finished, I looked like I was wearing a shredded t-shirt around my neck. Because I was!

Tonight I tried the "t-shirt rosette" which showed a tutorial on how to sew down the middle of a strip of t-shirt, pull the threads to "gather" the fabric and roll the whole shebang in to a little rosette. Hm. I sewed down the middle, only to find that it was next to impossible to pull the threads and gather the material without breaking the threads, and when I finally did, the piece of gathered material was too short to do anything with. I did try. And I made one rosette. Sort of.

Then, I tried the "infinity scarf." Super cute idea, and the tutorial looked darling. I cut the t-shirt exactly like the instructions said, and the "scarf" I ended up with was more like an ascot. Sigh.

I saw a tutorial on how to make a wreath by wrapping "ribbons" of t-shirt material in different green shades around a wire wreath form. I have a couple of green t-shirts set aside in case I decide it's worth the splurge for the wire wreath form. I'm afraid, though, it might look more like "white trash holiday" than "shabby chic."

I guess the best thing to do with an old t-shirt is use it as a dust rag. Damn you, Pinterest!

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