Monday, March 11, 2013

Mondaylight savings time.........

I know daylight savings time technically happens early on a Sunday morning, but all we hear about is how awful the Monday after is. And I scoff! Seriously, how much difference can an hour make? Well, apparently, according to scientific studies, quite a lot. I will not cite those studies here, because I am lazy but you can Google that shit.

I know I definitely saw first-hand how horrible a Monday can be when one of my kindergarteners completely melted down because he lost his opportunity to hear the story at the end of the day (hey, sorry kid, but when you whack another kid in the eye with your backpack, things happen). He screamed at the top of his lungs, while kicking a brick wall, for ten whole minutes, punctuated a few times by giant yawns. Poor kid. Poor me, I had to listen to it! But I did feel badly for him and gave him an extra big hug on the way out the door to the bus. I mean, it's not his fault - stupid daylight savings time!

I know I had a hard time getting up this morning. But I think that was mostly because it's Monday. Seems as though everyone hates Mondays. Poor Monday.......taking all the bad rap. But I'll admit it - Mondays usually kind of suck. Haters gon' hate.

Who wants to hear about my Monday? Ok, good. Here's a rundown:
1. Woke up late. Got to work late.
2. Worked. See above for snippet of my day. Multiply times ten. Or a hundred.
3. Left work, which is less than a mile from H2's counselor's office to drive all the way home (9 miles) and pick up H2 and bring her back to counseling appointment. She CANNOT get her license soon enough!
4. Used my (almost) one hour while she was in counseling to do some badly-needed grocery shopping. NOTE TO ALL: Do not shop at Top Foods. So grossly overpriced. Ended up not buying half the needed items because they were outrageous. Got a coffee at Starbucks to soothe myself because I was so annoyed. Emotional eating (drinking)? Psh.
5. Picked up H2 and was super annoyed that I now needed to stop at another store.
6. Stopped at Fred Meyer to pick up the rest of the items, and not pay 50%  more! Seriously.
7. Got home around 4:15 and realized I still needed to cook chicken to put in salad for dinner. And that Jeff had half the ingredients in his car. (He went to Costco on his lunch hour - sometimes grocery shopping for this family is a two-person sport).
8. Assembled salad as much as possible, throwing in last two ingredients when Jeff arrived home (which required more slicing and dicing). Shredded fresh-from-the-oven chicken with my bare hands, sacrificing my comfort (and fingerprints, and possible second-degree burns) for the sake of feeding my family dinner (and the fact that we needed to leave RIGHT NOW to pick up A at driver's ed and head to a meeting at the high school therefore dinner had to be finished AND packed into "to go" containers).
9. Raced to pick up A and friend, dropped off friend at home, and wolfed down salad and bread whilst driving. A informed us she didn't need to attend the meeting with us, and then decided we could probably skip the meeting altogether, voting for going for a milkshake instead. YAY!
10. Took our first breather of the day at DQ, enjoying mini blizzards, and filling out high school enrollment with A.
11. Headed home where Jeff spent the next three hours doing work for his REAL job on the computer, while I faced down the prolific Costco produce procuration. Bazinga!
12. Spent the next two hours cleaning up from dinner, doing dishes, cutting up apples, strawberries and carrots, putting grapes into baggies, and making room in the fridge for all of it.
13. Ate a carrot. Wanted a treat but resisted. Felt a headache coming on - likely from lack of sugary treats.
14. Had to pee really bad.
15. Said "f**k this shit" and headed upstairs for a much-needed bathroom break. Seriously considered going downstairs to watch the rest of "Criminal Minds" (WHO killed the family??) but saw that it was already after 9 and decided I really needed to crawl into bed with my computer and catch up on Facebook. Took headache meds.
10. Scrolled all the way through my FB feed (seriously, I cannot just get on FB once a day. It just takes too much time all in one sitting!). Decided to blog.
11. Started blogging but couldn't concentrate because of my hangnail. Pulled hangnail, saw blood. Had to get up to put a bandaid on finger, And neosporin (plus pain relief because it was a hangnail and all).
12. Returned to blog.

Plus, I have one of those little sores on my tongue that you get when you eat a lot of candy. Only I didn't even eat any candy. How sucky is that? And now I'm hungry. But I need to sleep. Which biological urge do I respond to? Earlier I had to choose between working out and doing housework and/or relaxing. I mean, tough choice, no?

Monday. You can just go now.

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