Saturday, March 30, 2013


Today was a great Saturday! For one thing.......SUN! Which, when you live in Seattle, is, like, winning the lottery. SO AWESOME! And it was beautiful and sunny by 8 a.m. which just gives the whole day new promise, y'know?

And because I was feeling all sunny and also a little bit guilty about my previous night's late evening indulgence at Denny's, I suggested a walk to Starbucks. I figured it was about two miles each way, no biggie. Jeff was game, because he's an ATHLETE and all, so we laced up our sneakers and headed out. (Kidding, I didn't lace up mine because they're slip-on Skechers with sparkly stuff on them and they're super cool).

So, we walked in the sun to Starbucks which was a scary feat because the road has basically NO shoulder so we had to walk on the edge and there was a ditch full of water and I really couldn't decide if I'd rather be hit by an oncoming car or plunge into a muddy ditch. Oh, and there was SO MUCH trash. I really wished for a Hefty bag. Seriously, if anyone is looking for community service, let's all get together and clean up Grannis Road, ok? It's so ghetto.

Anyway, Starbucks was fun but I was hoping to sit in the sun and apparently it was too early in the morning for the sun to hit the outside tables so it was a little cold. I'm glad I opted for the hot coffee instead of getting all "omg, it's 50 degrees in Seattle - SUMMER - iced mocha, please!"

Then we stopped at Safeway for some dinner ingredients and O'Reilly's for some auto part thingy that they didn't have and then we trekked back. Uphill! At first I was really hoping someone would drive by and offer us a ride. But then I decided I just needed to suck it up and trudge up the hill slow and steady. And about halfway through, I hit my stride. I booked it. I even left Jeff in the dust! I don't know what came over me! Energy? Stamina? Who IS this girl?

My walk (over five miles round trip, by the way) energized me a lot. I decided I needed to color my roots, and while they were soaking up all those chemicals, I suddenly became starving and quick made a chicken salad which I attacked, and then I went up to wash the dye out of my hair.

Well. One kid was in the "kid shower" and another was in MY shower and when I finally got in there to rinse my hair out, the water was freezing! SO much fun to rinse out hair dye in a freezing cold shower! Not. But, I dunno, cold water or something, I was re-energized (not that I lost any of that post-walk energy frenzy) and decided to scrub down my shower. Whaaattt? Chores AND exercise on the same day?

Then I got dressed and ready and I thought I looked cute but then later Hannah took some pictures of me and I was all "my double chin" and "my hair -ew" and so on. UGH. Nothing worse than FEELING cute, then having the pictures tell you otherwise.

So, I had a margarita. And then another one. Problem solved! Cute again!

Jeff's parents came over and made us a yummy dinner, which was so nice. Everyone was hanging out outside and the sun felt so good. The kids dragged out the hammock, which was fun until several of the (very old and weathered) supporting ropes snapped. Guess it's time for a new hammock. Except this one was HUGE and my parents bought it in Honduras, so how are we ever going to get another awesome hammock like that one?

Harrison made a fire in the fire pit once the sun went down. It felt like summer.

It was a good day.

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