Monday, April 8, 2013

Kick-ass domestic goddess...........

So, we have no food. I mean, I'm not sure how that happens, when I spend $264.93 daily at Fred Meyer, but somehow we've reached that critical point where there is NOTHING TO EAT in the house, which coincides nicely with the fact that there is NO MONEY IN THE BANK. What I need is a nice, big trip to Costco, but that runs me about $600 every time I go, and even a "conservative" trip to Fred Meyer teeters close to the $200 mark, so I'm practicing what Jeff likes to call "eating from the pantry." I mean, we HAVE food, right? A whole pantry full and some more in the garage in what my mom likes to call my "Mormon pantry." I am not Mormon. But I like to stockpile important things like sugared cereal and ramen noodles. I have a shit-ton of cream of chicken soup, because you never know.

Tonight I had some leftover chicken - some that I cooked a few days ago and one big leftover chicken breast from KFC. So, I cut all of that up and put it in a big pan. I added two jars of turkey gravy I bought at Thanksgiving in case of a gravy emergency (there wasn't one). I served it on top of instant mashed potatoes, purchased when my oldest had her tonsils out a month or so ago. Fresh out of veggies for a side, I cut up carrot and celery sticks and served those as a side dish with a big ol' glob of ranch dressing. Plus, a nutritious glass of milk to round it all out. I felt like I had just been transported back to 1954.

The funny thing is, my kids loved it. They actually made sounds that didn't sound like "ick" or "bleh" when they saw it on their plates in all of its gelatinous grayish-brown glory. They went back for seconds.

I'm glad I didn't waste my whole afternoon whipping up a gourmet meal if that crap made them happy. I told them it was "poor food." Payday is a week away. I'm not sure I can actually wait that long before I pick up some produce at least. I wonder what tomorrow night's dinner will be? What can you make from cream of chicken soup, some eggs, and chicken broth? And why can't we just have fresh cookies for dinner? Baking is so much more fun. And I have flour and sugar. What's your "nothing to eat" go-to dinner? Ready, go!


Pitchin Princess said...

I made something along those lines last night too. Used a couple of the Lipton Pasta sides that were in the cupboard nearing expiration,had a couple of leftover chicken breasts that I diced up and put in with the noodles. Made some bisquick biscuts added some shredded cheese and garlic to them to make them like Red Lobster and opened a can of corn and lima beans. Got two thumbs up from the kids (except the lima bean only Chuck and I ate them).
I've been trying to eat from the pantry for the past few weeks only buying milk, bread, fresh fruit and veggies at the store. I cleaned it out and realized I have a lot of stuff expiring soon and I don't want it to go to waste.

jeff said...

Gross, how did I miss that?