Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The love note.............

Last night, after staying up until almost midnight paying bills and doing otherwise responsible things, I finally headed to bed to find this on my side of the bed:

I thought, how sweet! A love note! This morning, I waved it in Jeff's direction and said "By the way, this was sweet!" He smiled and said "I want you to know, that took a lot of effort!" Effort? To write "I love you" on a piece of paper? But then he told me this story: 

"I knew you weren't coming to bed for a while and I was getting really tired so I just thought I'd write you a sweet note. But then I couldn't find any paper so I had to rummage through my drawer to find something to write on. I was too tired to get up and get paper off the desk, so I finally found this and when I ripped the paper out, all my stuff went flying, and I had to clean it up. And then, when I was doing that, the paper sailed out of my hand and landed over there (gestures towards desk in room) and I had to get out of bed anyway and pick it up! And all I wanted to do was write you a note!"

See? It's the thought (and effort) that counts! :)

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