Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shit my kids say.........

We've all heard that kids say the "darndest" things. Is darndest even a word? My spell-check doesn't think so. Anyway. I'm here to tell you it's not just little kids who say funny, crazy, or even downright peculiar things. For instance:

Harrison, age 14: Mom, have you ever met a terrorist? I mean, face-to-face?

Arlie, age 15: What play are we going to see? Me: Henry the Fifth. Arlie: I didn't even see the first one!

Harrison, age 14: If you were ever to get arrested, what would it be for?

Hannah, age 18 (in a few days!): This is my llama face! (proceeds to pull out both upper and lower lips and waggle her tongue while making what I presume to be llama noises, although I can't be sure).

Hayley, age 20 (who is supposed to be packing to move into her first ever apartment in a few days): See my nails? I put sparkles on them!

Me to Hannah: You should really start looking for a job. Hannah: Don't make me hit you.

Hayley (from her blog): I hope I don't end up a garbage-eating sack of sadness.

Hannah: Is dinner, like, a THING tonight?

Honestly, I should really write these things down more often. And not just on Facebook!

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