Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Make it a double!

Tonight Jeff and I went to retrieve his newly-painted truck. He was so excited. He and the painter talked and talked and talked. I was just hungry. And I wanted my "free Tavern Double burger from Red Robin because the Seahawks scored a touchdown in the Red Zone at their last game." That's what the email said, anyway, and who am I to turn down a free burger and bottomless steak fries?

We finally got to Red Robin and ordered. The "deal" required that you order another entree and two drinks (ha! I could have ordered two Sand in Your Shorts for myself, but I let Jeff order a boring diet lemonade). Jeff didn't want the burger (Yay! More for me!) and ordered a salad. We waited and watched the game. Kidding. He watched the game and I played on my phone.

So, the drinks came and I sucked down sipped mine while I waited for the food. When it arrived the waitress immediately started to give the burger to Jeff. WHAT THE HELL? This is the second time we've experienced this. The waitress tries to give the man the burger and the woman the salad. DISCRIMINATION! This exact scenario played out one other time when we ordered similar items. Jeff got a kick out of it and laughed and I found it humorous too. I mean, I get it. That might be the "normal" order of things. But guys eat salads, too. Girls eat burgers!

Still, I felt like a Fatty McFattypants eating the burger while Jeff enjoyed his salad, especially after the food delivery discrimination. I would like to point out that he immediately started eating MY fries when the food was delivered so he's no saint! In fact, the fry order was pretty paltry. And they did promise BOTTOMLESS fries. So, we decided to get some more.

The waitress asked what else she could get us and Jeff said "Another round of fries (glances at me and points) for HER!"


He's in so much trouble. Right after I lick the campfire sauce off my fingers.

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