Monday, September 16, 2013

Been gone a spell.........

We were in Spokane this weekend for a family wedding. I tried to upload some of the funny videos of the kids (and adults) dancing, but Blogger won't let me, so a pox on Blogger! :(

So, random stuff from the last several days............

I bit the inside of my mouth while we were at the wedding. Or sometime before. I'm not really sure, but it happened that day. And you know how you bite the inside of your cheek accidentally, but then it swells up and you keep biting it even when you're trying to be really careful? Yeah. I was driving this morning and chewing gum and I accidentally bit the same spot and the pain! THE PAIN! I am not kidding when I say the pain paralyzed me. I actually had to concentrate to keep driving. It was like mind-numbing pain. Like, childbirth-is-a-piece-of-cake pain (without meds, let's just make that clear). And it didn't go away fast, like that type of pain usually does. NO SIR! That pain stayed with me during the final few minutes of my drive to work and then I sat in the parking lot, rubbing the spot with an ice cube I fished out of my water. And after a full five minutes of rubbing it with an ice cube, it was STILL bleeding a lot. Then, tonight, I bit it again. Twice. Not as bad as the hell-fire pain of this morning, but still.........I just know I'm going to bite it again and that sucker is NEVER going to heal. ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

But you know what's worse than childbirth mouth pain? When your cat pees in your sink right in front of you. I did not witness this, but Jeff did. He got out of the shower and right there, in front of his eyes, Benjie (one of the new kittens) squatted and peed in the sink! When he came downstairs to tell me about it, we both smelled cat poop and upon investigation, found that one of the cats had pooped in the downstairs bathroom sink!! I probably don't need to tell you how much I freaked out. We just got a new litter box today, so apparently Benjie didn't get the memo. After introducing them both to the litter box again, we can only hope they realize that it was there all along and this doesn't happen again. BUT, I already made an appointment to officially adopt them tomorrow, and now I'm having second thoughts. They have been super cute and sweet and adorable, but one poop in the sink pretty much erases all of that. I think I might have to stall on the official adoption a few more days until I'm sure they actually use the litter box. Up till today, there have been no accidents, so I'm assuming it was just the change in type and location of the litter box, but the LAST thing I need is cats who don't use one. It's hard enough just keeping them off the counter and table (hence the three new water bottles filled with vinegar/water spray to shoo them away). I can clean and disinfect the counters and any other surface they walk on, but I WILL NOT have a cat that isn't box-trained. (File under "what the hell were we thinking when we decided to adopt two kittens?"). It's a darn good thing they're so cute.....

I'm sitting here staring at my pile of "to do" stuff. Included in there is both last week's and this week's Sunday papers that I haven't read yet. I even whittled it down (recycle Sports, Jobs, Autos, all the ads to the places I don't shop, and anything boring), and it's still a ton to read. Why do I even get the paper? Oh yeah, for the coupons. I feel guilty not reading most of it, though, so I keep it and eventually toss it when the next week's paper comes. Except obviously this week I'm deciding to be an over-achiever and keep two week's worth of papers to read - when? During my free time? Surely, you jest. Then, there are piles of other things - stuff to file, bills, notes my husband took on open house night because I couldn't attend (I had my own curriculum night) with things like "air conditioning rocks," and "boring teacher" written in the margins. There's a backscratcher, a couple of blank CDs, coupons, a tripod, and a pair of shorts that no one wants all within reaching distance of me right now. It all goes somewhere else - not on the kitchen table, and yet, here it lies. And this is why I drink. 

Welp, time for another chocolate chip cookie before I hit the hay. Hannah made them. She may be unemployed with no driver's license, but she makes a mean chocolate chip cookie. I wonder how far that will take her? 

So, goodnight, my friends. Dream big. Have hope for tomorrow. And always eat a chocolate chip cookie when they're around because you just never know.

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