Monday, September 9, 2013

Kittens no know bounds.........

Tonight, despite our plan to introduce the kittens to the household gradually, Jeff just opened the door to the office and let them run free. They loved their freedom and got into some pretty odd places including:

- the dishwasher
- the pots and pans cupboard
- the art supplies cupboard
- between books on the bookshelf
- into a folder (not kidding, one of the kittens jumped off a table and INTO a folder that was in a box)
- under the entertainment center
- in the bathtub
- in the sink
- across my plate of dinner
- on top of a tray of leftover salmon, which tumbled to the floor upside down (Georgie appreciated the leftovers!)
- on top of a pile of dirty dishes in the sink

They've also found interesting places to rest such as:

- the entry table
- the kitchen table
- on top of my antique desk (after they knocked all the knick-knacks off the top)
- in a basket on top of a table (which immediately fell over backward with the kitten in it!)

There has been a lot of crashing, tumbling, clattering and general disarray. We've also discovered the kittens are very musical, as they've "played" the piano several times. AND, they can type on the computer with their paws. Very talented!

Kittens are so much fun!

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