Friday, December 6, 2013

A little sumpin' sumpin' on the shelf.............

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about the Elf on the Shelf toy that is all the rage at Christmas time. Today I thought of an alternative to the Elf for grown-ups.

But first, the sushi guy at our local grocery store looks and talks like an elf. He is so excited about his sushi, too. I want to bring him home, dress him in a red suit, and put him on a shelf. I will let him get off the shelf to make sushi but that's all.


I want Bailey's on a shelf. I love Bailey's during the holiday season and I'm not talking about that stuff you buy at the store. I guess I should properly call it "Irish cream" since Bailey's is a trademarked name, but you get the picture. All that creamy goodness poured over crushed ice and enjoyed in front of a sparkling Christmas tree. It just screams holiday season.

So, I would very much like to wake up each morning and see where my Bailey's ends up. You know, on the shelf, at the table, in my coffee, at lunch, at dinner, under the table (wait, that's me).

I would like an Advent calendar with mini bottles. Why doesn't someone make that? Open a little door each day to reveal a tiny bottle of spirits to help you make it through the holiday season? Sure would make Christmas shopping a lot more fun.

Tomorrow I'm going to a party and thanks to my good friend, Fiona, I'm bringing a cocktail called "Naughty Rudolph." It's one of those sweet concoctions that is so easy to drink you don't even realize you've had enough until your earrings fall in the dip because you go a little hard on your impression of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Or something.

Seriously, though, the cocktail on a shelf idea could really take off. Imagine, a Cosmo in the closet, a martini in the mudroom, Kahlua in the kitchen, a brandy in the bedroom (whooo!). Talk about mischief!

Besides, what do you think the Elf does while you sleep?

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