Thursday, December 26, 2013

A poem........

It's the day after Christmas,
And all through the casa
It's an abominable mess
And I wonder, que pasa?

The presents unwrapped,
The stockings un-filled,
Much sugar was eaten
The kids are strong-willed.

The cats slumber lazily
After strewing the bows
One dropped a chicken bone
After being hit on the nose.

The house needs to be vacuumed,
There's crap everywhere,
But it's so hard to muster
The tiniest care.

The money is gone,
No more fun is in store
At least until payday
When we'll have a bit more.

By then, the vacation
And it's promise of fun
Will almost be over,
Carefree days will be done.

So, we sit in the house
With nothing to do,
Except nap and eat junk
Watch a movie or two.

This Christmas hangover
Is hurting my head
But I'm really quite tired
Of lying in bed.

The radio carols
Have all but now ceased
The big day is over,
Along with the feast.

Soon it will be time
To strip the house bare
Of the festive decor
There will be nothing there.

We wait all year long
For this season of light
And then it's just over
In the span of one night.

But wait! We still have New Year's,
and our great resolutions.
Anticipation of that,
Might be the solution.

To the sad melancholy
That follows Noel
Perhaps, we shall see,
Time, only, can tell.

But, yes! The next holiday
Is Valentine's day.
Another excuse to
decorate and play.

And while I'll miss Christmas,
Which, sadly, must part
Is it too early
To string up some hearts? 

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