Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Made it.........

Well, it's Christmas eve (day) and if you haven't finished your shopping yet, well, you just might be among the bazillions of others who are dashing out for something. I'm pretty sure I'm done. I mean, I think I'm done. I mean, at this point, I'm sure I've forgotten something but it's too late to do anything about it, so "it is what it is!"

I felt like Christmas came so quickly this year - like it always does, sneaking up on us, and before you know it, it's here - the big day - and all those things you thought you would do become pointless because the day is upon us! Here's what I ran out of time for: baking cookies, driving around to look at Christmas lights, going downtown and enjoying the sights, going to see Santa, having a cookie exchange (or any other party for that matter)........BUT, here are some things I DID do..........

I made these cool candles with scrapbook paper and mod-podge....

I picked up this kick-ass Frosty the Snowman handmade decoration at Value Village for $2.99. You twist his nose and it plays his theme song. I KNOW, RIGHT? Coolest decor EVER. 

I took this selfie with my cat. Yeah.

I received all these Christmas cards! LOVE THEM! Because the rest of the year, the mail just sucks. 

I recycled my Halloween pumpkins into this SWEET snowman display. SO Pinterest-worthy, yes? 

I made this cool display of my collection of Starbucks ornaments, nestled in an antique Coca-Cola crate. P.S. I also bought those super cool "JOY" letters from my good friend, Fiona, who is awesomely crafty. AND I made the little mixed-media Christmas tree picture next to it.

I decorated the mantle and jacked this ornament idea from Pinterest for the window. LOVED it. 

I took this picture of the Seattle skyline out the car window going 60 mph and made it into a holiday-card-ish picture. 

I took this picture of my four favorite kids in the world, all dressed up. Plus, I took them to Oliver! for my birthday celebration. LOVE THEM!

I took this picture of our brilliantly decorated house (kudos to my son for doing the lights this year!). Once again, the best on the block. I mean, I'm biased, but you can come judge for yourself. 

I went to this party with my favorite guy and we got all dressed up. We actually look kind of goofy in this picture, but you get the idea. 
I took this super blurry picture of my living room, and then edited it to make it even more blurry so I could call it "art" - but, look at  ALL THOSE PRESENTS we get to open tomorrow. I bought those. And wrapped those. And put tiny binder clips on all of them so the cats wouldn't get into them. The things I do.......

I sent out 100 of these Christmas cards.

So, yeah, I did a lot this Christmas season. And I think I'm done. I'm pretty sure I'm done. I'll let you know once I get back from the store.........

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