Thursday, February 27, 2014

And then he surprised me..........

This morning my husband and I were being lazy and ignoring the alarm clock despite the fact that we had stayed in bed WAY too long and were certainly going to be late for work. The talk turned to a fishing trip he's taking this weekend. Just this past month, he's been gone on a weekend conference and then four days in California to visit his grandpa. Now, he's going to be gone another weekend, and, even though I gave him my blessing to attend the fishing trip, I was having a little fun at his expense.

Me: You  leave me a lot. I stay home, but you always go.
Jeff: I do not!
Me: Yeah, you were gone for that conference and then to San Diego and now another whole weekend, you'll be gone doing something fun while I stay home and take care of everything. I keep the home fires burning. You go out and have your fun, and I'm always at home, taking care of everything. I even sometimes clean up really nice and have candles burning when you get home. And I make food!
Jeff (smiling): That's nice. I like that.
Me: Yep, I'm always here, rock-solid, holding down the fort while you go off on your next big adventure. I'm always staying behind. You're always going.
Jeff: Do you want an early Mother's day gift?
Me: What?
Jeff: Go in to the bathroom and grab that pile of papers on my counter.
Me: If it's a surprise, YOU go get it.
(Jeff gets out of bed to retrieve the papers, while I have a mild anxiety attack, knowing I'm getting something big and wondering what he's done.)
Jeff: Here. (Hands me tickets to the BlogHer'14 conference in San Jose.) It's for you and Hannah. Full conference tickets for both of you, and I booked you a room at the Marriott.
Me: (Speechless. And a little humbled. And a little squeal-y, too.)

And now, I'm going. I can't wait!

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