Friday, February 7, 2014

Driving me crazy.........

Three of my four kids now have their driver's license. I have NO idea how this happened because just yesterday they were playing with Barbies and watching Elmo's World. Yet, somehow, one-by-one, they all obtained a license to drive. Don't you have to be at least 16 to get one of those? Oh yeah. They ARE 16. And 18. And 20. *Sniff!*

I'm a firm believer that a new driver does best when they are finally left to their own devices - no parent barking orders or shouting "brake, brake, BRAKE!" in ever-urgent tones. Once the new driver has some peace and quiet, they actually start to enjoy driving.

Still, that is NO excuse to do what I did tonight. I let my newly-licensed driver (like, by five HOURS!) take my newly-permitted son out in the DARK at NIGHT so they could watch a high-school improv show. They went to a school they had never been to before, and I think they might have had to take the freeway to get there.

I can't look.

Meanwhile, I was taking my husband to the airport so that by the time I texted "Text me when you get there!" I received a text back saying "We're here." So, there's that. They arrived safe and sound. But they still have to come home!

Lord, help me.

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