Saturday, March 15, 2014

Favorite things.........

If Oprah can do it, why can't I? Below, in no particular order, are some of my favorite (consumer) things:

* Gerbera daisies. These flowers are amazing and beautiful and come in all sorts of colors. And every time I have them in my home, people ask if they are real! I just love them - maybe because they're so symmetrical and perfect and I'm kind of into symmetry, sometimes. Here is a pic of the latest ones I received, from my daughter and her boy friend:

*Loacker Quadritini wafers. But only the dark chocolate variety. They are SOOOO good, and it's no exaggeration to say I could eat a whole bag. I haven't, but I could!

*Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. The junk food to end all junk food. When I was younger, I was in love with Hostess Ho-Ho's. When we moved to Utah during my 9th year of life, we could not find them anywhere. I did notice the Little Debbie variety of cake rolls, and I tried them, but didn't think they were superior to Ho-Ho's. My relatives in Ohio used to send me care packages of Hostess Ho-Ho's! But, eventually, supply and demand couldn't keep up and I resorted to consuming Little Debbies. Now, I can't even look at a Ho-Ho! I'm a Swiss Cake Roll 'ho! And, truth be told, I usually eat two packages at a time. Because the twin-pack of chocolatey goodness just isn't enough. I must have quadruplets. Needless to say, I don't purchase these often, especially since I discovered they're even better frozen! Oh, Lord help me!
*Magnabilities necklaces. These are so cool! You invest in one necklace (or two or three) and simply change the magnetic insert to change the entire look of the necklace! Such a fun, cool idea. The magnetic inserts are under five bucks so it's fun to collect a few each time I find a retailer who sells this particular piece. Plus, the magnetic inserts double as magnets on your bulletin board when not in use in your stylish necklace!

*Soma Intimates Cool Nights pajamas. I LOVE these super-soft, super comfortable pj sets! They're not cheap, but I usually only buy what's on clearance. I first discovered these when I wandered into a Soma store in the mall and felt the fabric. It can only be described as buttery-soft. These are the most comfortable pajamas I've ever worn, and, BONUS, they are designed to keep you cool at night, for those *ahem* times when your age defies you and you bloom with the flush of menopause. Sorry, I said menopause. Another huge plus, is the camisole tops provide just a teensy bit of support so if you're well-endowed, you can skip the nighttime bra and just wear the cami alone. Oh, and I'm not skinny like the model shown here, but the XL is perfect on me. Love, love, love these!

*Helicopter hand toy. I know, WTF? But hear me out. I have sensory issues, I guess, because I totally love running my hand along things - my own fingernails, my phone case, twirling a pencil, etc. So, I once bought one of these funny plastic helicopter toys in some tourist trap store. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment purchases that was fun for about five seconds and then it was just another useless piece of plastic cluttering up my house. I absentmindedly stuck it in the pencil cup on my desk and soon found myself twirling it in my hand while on phone calls or trolling the internet. I don't actually make it fly. I just enjoyed twirling the textured base in my hand. But they ARE fun to play with as well. Ok, I did occasionally let it fly to the ceiling. One time, my daughter's friends started playing with it and they broke it! I actually purposefully bought a replacement. I have no idea where it is now, but I'd totally dig another one.


*Bookstores. I could spend hours in a bookstore just browsing. The overwhelming supply of things I COULD buy usually keeps me from actually purchasing anything, but I could browse forever. Plus, I'm a sucker for all the extras - like cards, cute paper, calendars, novelty jewelry, etc. 

*Hallmark Stores/gift shops. Again, I love to browse these cluttered caverns of unnecessary delights. My husband says they give him a rash, which is why I rarely submit him to the horrors of these stores. But, alone, I could look for days. 

*Starbucks. I love the predictability, the comfort of a cup of warm, sweet, mocha, the social aspect (even if I'm not meeting friends, it holds memories of the many, many times I DO meet friends there), and the fact that there's one on every corner. Here's one of my favorite pictures of my husband at Starbucks.

*Feast. This what my family calls a meal that consists of fun food, appetizers, and whatever is leftover, all displayed nicely. We traditionally do feast for Christmas eve, and other times as well. I LOVE FEAST! 

*Candles. I think candles give off a warmth and welcoming atmosphere like nothing else. Plus, they smell delicious! I especially like the candles from Bath and Body Works, but even the Glade candles you buy in the grocery store are yummy-smelling. The candle in this picture is a Glassybaby, the only one I own and was given to me as a gift. They are crazy expensive, but I really like the heavy feel of the glass and the lovely glow it gives off (Glassybaby are actually just candle holders that you put a tea light in). My friend, Tonya says "Candles make your guests feel welcome!" and it's true! I love to walk into a clean house with candles burning. It's like my nirvana.

*Live performances. It's crazy expensive and indulgent but I love any live performance, from a school talent show to musical theater.

*Concerts. Again, my paycheck prevents attending too many, but there's nothing like seeing a live performance of great music. Especially when I can share it with my kids!

*Lucky Charms. My hands-down favorite cereal! I've loved it since I was little and my mom used to pick out all the pink hearts from my bowl and eat them. Damn you, mom.

*Homemade chocolate chip cookies. I realize this only "sort of" falls under a consumer favorite, since you have to actually MAKE them, but you do need to purchase flour and sugar and the like. So, this one qualifies and is my favorite cookie ever. Especially when someone else makes them!

*Cell phones. Because not only am I a touch away from my beloved email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Solitaire and other wonders of the world, but I can text my kids and sometimes they're keepers (the texts AND the kids).

*Fruity alcoholic drinks. I'm THAT girl. I can't shoot whiskey (apologies to Carrie Underwood). I love me a fruity, frosty drink with a slice of fruit, or, better, an umbrella or one of those cool little plastic swords in it. YAY!

*My Kindle Fire. It's not the latest and greatest version, but I love this little gadget. Not only does it hold hundreds of books for me to read, but I play Solitaire on it every night before I go to bed. Oh dear, I think I just sounded like an old lady.

*My minivan. Say what you want about the mom van - I absolutely LOVE my minivan and the one I had before. I've driven a minivan for eighteen years and I can't imagine a more comfortable road trip vehicle. It's like having an extra office on wheels. I keep everything in there. I feel lost when we drive another car. I could live in my minivan at a moment's notice. All you zombie apocalypse people, think of THAT next time you laugh at me for driving a mom-mobile.

*Hair products and contact lenses. Because when you wake up like this every morning, you thank the Lord Almighty himself for creating a beautiful world where we can all get a little help. (Full disclosure: this is what I looked like while typing this blog post. You're welcome.)

What are YOUR favorite things?

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