Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Scribbly cloud over head.........

Remember in the old "Peanuts" cartoons when one of the characters was feeling particularly grumpy, there would be a scribbled cloud over their head?

That's me, today. To begin: I woke up with a headache. An hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. I got on the scale, and the needle pointed in the wrong direction. I realized I haven't taken one of my prescription meds for three days because I couldn't get a refill. And I noticed on my calendar that I had not worked out for five days straight.

Then came the pants. I went to my drawer to grab a pair of jeans and found a pair of black, Lee "comfort waistband" pants in my size and shortness and thought: why don't I ever wear those? Those would be a nice change of pace from jeans. So, I wore them. And now I know why I don't wear them. Number one: they are "petite" sized which means they are too short. I'm only 5' 2" but usually things sized "short" or "petite" end up being just slightly too short on me. However, if I buy anything BUT those specifications, they are at least four inches too long. Hem them, you say? Kiss my ass - who has time for that? So, there was the "slightly too short" problem, which made me uncomfortable, and there was also the "just plain uncomfortable" feeling that I got from not wearing my usual jeans. And... these pants were the most mom-ish pants of all time and made me feel frumpy and fat. As we all know, when your outfit is working against you, the whole day goes to hell in a hand basket. Or is that just me?

But there was good news! I had fifteen minutes to eat breakfast this morning! Or so I thought. Instead, I spent those 15 minutes looking for a piece of paper that was on my desk last night that contained an important insurance code I needed for today. It was nowhere to be found. Completely disappeared. In frustration (and near tears), I had to hurry and fix something for the road so I wouldn't be late for work. I went to reach for a paper towel, the same paper towels I asked the girls SIX times to replace yesterday, and the holder was bare. I cursed them in a murderous rage under my breath and retrieved a fresh roll of paper towels (and didn't die in the process!). I slammed the garage door and the microwave several times just because it felt good to do it. I was on a rampage!

Which brings me to the doctor appointment. My son is sick, so I scheduled a morning doctor appointment for him, knowing I could not take him but assuming that at least ONE of the other responsible adults in his life could. Wrong! His dad had "an important meeting" (he always has something else going on when I need him to step up to the parenting plate. Divorce = dad gets to choose when, how and where he parents, mom still parents 24/7).  His stepdad had "an important client" (for the record, he is almost ALWAYS available for these things, so he certainly gets a pass for not being available today). His sister was around, but without a car. I had to reschedule the appointment for later in the afternoon when I could take him. My frustration level only increased with the ten phone calls to my husband that went unanswered and the two phone calls with long hold times to make, then change, the appointment. I honestly don't even remember driving to work because I was on the phone the whole time. Talk about driving distracted!

Work was actually the easiest part of my day.

I came home, wolfed down a plate of taquitos in record time, scarfed a Bailey's Irish Cream chocolate cupcake (because I wanted to both eat and drink my feelings) and rushed to the doctor appointment. We left with a prescription which I went to fill after I dropped my son off at school for musical pictures (cue the mom guilt for sending kid to after school activity when he didn't attend school that day!). At the pharmacy, I filled the prescription and picked up a couple that were waiting. But not before I had to "activate" a coupon for the nasal spray the doctor had ordered. For that, I had to be on the phone for over twenty minutes, listening to the sales pitch and the ENTIRE terms and conditions of the coupon before they activated it. It was worth $20. That's a dollar a minute I spent on the phone.

On the way home, I got the mail and my sister sent me a box of shamrock sugar cookies. HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY!

Finally, blessedly, I was home and wanted nothing more than to sink my teeth into a big sugar cookie and zone out at my computer. But my contacts had other plans. They were blurry, stuck to my eyes, and begging to be taken out for the night - at 4 p.m! So, I went upstairs to take them out, and put on yoga pants instead of the horrific mom pants with the comfort waistband I'd been wearing all day. By the way, life is way too short to wear pants that make you feel like crap, so I'm getting rid of those ugly suckers as soon as I wash them. Also, when in doubt, always wear yoga pants. They are like a hug at the end of a long day. Plus, they give the illusion that you work out.

Then, we decided to give the cat Benadryl. He has a bald spot that he itches until it bleeds and we read that Benadryl might help, so we attempted to give the cat children's cherry Walgreens-brand Benadryl. What a mistake! Not only did the cat have a major freak out, scratching my daughter and flinging a mouthful of Benadryl all over my shirt, but he then started foaming at the mouth for a good five minutes, trying to hack up the offending liquid. All over my office floor.

In the meantime, I was trying to fill out my end-of-year evaluation form for work (I know it's only March, I work at a school). I put the final touches on it, saved it, and when I went to attach it to the email reply, it was gone! I tried over and over to retrieve it, getting progressively angrier and yelling at my computer. I finally found it after searching, and even then I had to send it to my documents in order to find it again. Grrrrr!!!!

It's dinner time now and the girls are making grilled cheese and fruit salad. I couldn't be happier about that. I feel guilty because I haven't worked out - day six - but I'm so tired I could lay on my floor and be out in five minutes. The scribbled cloud is a little smoother at the edges (I just heard the opening strains of "Criminal Minds" on the TV!). Perhaps a Bailey's over ice with a Benadryl chaser will be just the trick?

It could be worse. There was a horrible helicopter accident right over downtown Seattle today, in which two men lost their lives and another suffered severe burns. Their days might not have started so great, either. The irony of my whiny "bad day" is not lost on me. This was their last day. That sad news hung heavy over my head all day. Bless their souls and peace to their families. 

Tomorrow is another day..........

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