Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Today's Instagram picture post is about Harrison. Because he keeps reminding me I haven't done one all about him yet. So, here goes! Harrison is my baby. He's my funny guy - making me laugh every day since he could talk. He's smart, resourceful, kind, loving, a helper. He's super smart, has the voice of an angel, and is a great actor. He cares deeply, plays the guitar, bass and piano with passion, is a thinker and a learner. He's a lucky guy and I'm lucky he's my only son! 

Here's Harrison with comedian Amy Anderson (also known as Aubrey's mom who plays Lily on Modern Family). We saw her perform at Central Washington University in the fall of 2012. Harrison loved the show and loved getting to meet her. 

Here's my sweet, soft, squishy, moppy-haired, angelic little baby boy! I used to pretend to bite his ear and made a funny sound. He always laughed!

A boy and his dog - is there any better bond? 

My rock star! Who knew he could sing like this? Who knew he could play the bass the first time he tried? Who knew he'd be in a band? This was taken at Bushwhack's latest show. 

Again, with the dog. Love those mugs! 

I'm kind of in love with this picture of us! 

Harrison couldn't wait to see Book of Mormon at the Paramount. He had memorized nearly all the songs before we went. After the show, who should walk out the side door than the guy who played Elder Cunningham? He was nice enough to pose for some pics and sign our programs. Pretty awesome for a theater fan! 

My boy at Cannon Beach - see Haystack Rock in the distance? 

On the first day of school this year. A sophomore in high school already. Always the goofball!

In between shows during "Legally Blonde" which he was in this past summer. He was exhausted. 

"Smoking" the stage cigarette after the show. Notice his sister's disapproving stare. 

One day, we went on a coffee date. This was Harrison, looking serious. Serious about coffee! 

I like to call this picture "Obnoxious Teenage Boy." Although it was taken a couple of summers ago, it still embodies Harrison's spontaneous spirit - and his penchant for making sudden, loud noises. 

That's my boy!

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