Sunday, September 14, 2014

My crazy hair...........

Today's Instagram picture post is this picture of my crazy, curly hair taken after a windy walk on the beach. It's big, it's wild and it's real. I'm a curly girl. People compliment my hair more often than not when it's at its craziest and wildest - when I think it's out of control, everyone seems to love it. People also have no problem giving me hair-care advice and recommending products. I think that's weird. I have never recommended a product to a straight-haired girl, and only to a curly girl if we are actually talking about our hair. It appears people (and hair-care companies) are on a quest to help us curly girls tame and straighten our locks. Ironically, my hair is straightened as I type this and it feels foreign and odd to me. It's fun once in a while for a change of pace, but I'm most comfortable with my curls, even if they do tend to grow bigger by the minute. Most days end up with me containing the wildness in a hair tie just to keep it out of my face, but I kind of like my wild curls sometimes. Like this day, at Cannon beach, when I actually felt, rather than saw, my hair getting wilder and decided to snap this selfie. Thanks for your advice, straight-haired people of the world, but my curls are happy the way they are. 

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