Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rylie moves on...........

Today's Instagram picture post (and not all of them are Instagram posts) is all about Rylie. Rylie is one of Arlie's very best friends and we've known her since they were in second grade. Recently, Rylie has been living with us but tonight she moved into her mom's new apartment in Seattle. This is both good and bad - good because it's what she wanted, bad, because we'll miss her hilarious laugh, her ability to turn the most boring meal into a work of art, her willingness to always help out, her companionship, and her sharp wit. A look back at some days gone by. (She is going to be so mad at me for posting these pics! But I don't care because they're adorable!)

Relay for Life - circa 2008? 

Not sure the year here, but probably also 2008. 

I believe this was a dance in sixth grade - look how young they all are!

Our "Ugly Sweater" Christmas party two years ago - she looks like she can't believe how ugly the sweaters are!

Ugly sweater, pretty face! 

We did a photo shoot one spring! 

Just a little driveway dancing!

With McKenzie - these girls are juniors in high school now!

Homemade ice cream!

Sleeping in the hammock - one of Rylie and Arlie's favorite summertime activities!



Photo ops at Molbak's nursery

Christmas at Molbak's

One of my favorite pictures! We went to a 3D movie and then made good use of our glasses afterward. 

Adorable girls at Molbak's. 

Best friends!


Three musketeers!

We "heart" you, Rylie!

Blowing kisses!

Lotsa love!

Off on some new adventures! 

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