Monday, September 15, 2014

This little piggy!

Today's Instagram picture post is about toes. I love to get pedicures, and just got one today with my friend, Janet. I love the relaxation, the massage chair, the warm water, the mandarin-scented scrub, the lotion, the massage, the polish - it's affordable pampering at its finest! I was just planning to come home from work today and do chores, pay bills, and the like and instead Janet sent me a text inviting me to get a spontaneous pedicure with her. Hell, yes! I didn't take a picture of my toes today, but clearly I have posted pedi pics in the past, as you can see.

Not sure when this pedi happened, but I obviously needed a bubble bath afterwards to relax from all that relaxing!

This was when my I took Hannah and her cousin Kennedy to get pedicures. I posted this picture on Facebook and my family made fun of my toes. Whatever. They're toes. 

Anyway, I love it when my toes are "done." And since we have a few more days of nice weather, at least, to enjoy flip flops, might as well have pretty feet. 

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