Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hannah is 13!!!

I've been remiss in not posting until now - Hannah has turned a milestone age! 13! We celebrated with a party, first swimming at Martha Lake, then back home to make pie iron pizzas, s'mores, have cake and ice cream, sing karaoke until the wee hours (staying up to mark her 1:01 birth time), and finally, the girls spent the night in the camper. I say "spent the night" because they DID NOT sleep at all. They stayed up all night, talking and carrying on. Jeff, Harrison, Arlie and Rylie slept on air mattresses in the garage (to "guard" the girls against things that go bump in the night). But it was all for naught, as the girls didn't sleep a wink and probably made our neighbors mad in the process (tent trailer walls are thin!). In the morning we had chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and Hannah opened her "family" presents. Then, she and her best friend Jessica slept most of the day away. The photos are of the whole group jumping in Martha Lake, Hannah in the morning w/ her "birthday table", and the cake Hayley made. We didn't have 13 candles, or a "1" and a "3" candle, so Hayley improvised with 8, 4, 1 (8+4+1=13). Good times!

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Pitchin Princess said...

I love the cake. It must be in the family blood to make due with candles that are on hand. For my dad's 60th we used a 5 a 9 and then a single candle to represent 60, and that wasn't the first time we made due either. LOL!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Hannah!!!!